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Riding in the rain in Melbourne!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Well what an experience that was. Heavy downpour from the moment I stepped out the door, both me and the bike made it to work in 1 piece.

    I was all dry except for my hands as I had a pair of thin cotton gloves on not wanting to get the leather ones wet and my shoes got a bit wet. Now that I think of it I should have tied plastic shopping bags around my shoes like I have seen some other riders do in the wet.

    Visibility thru the semi fogged & waterlogged visor was poor but thank God made it : )
  2. Good work. More experience under your belt. Also you now have more information about your riding gear and where you may need to make improvements.
  3. Yeah I had fun on the way in. Tram tracks under water = mad back wheels spins and some minor tightening of the sphincter.

    Arrived fairly dry, my t-shirt got wet on the arms but that was about it.
  4. Day: Yeah I reckon. Riding in all conditions definitely teaches you what gear ones needs and doesn't need.

    Beza: Tram tracks in the wet urghh don't even mention them, the road becomes like a slippery dip. Everytime I have to commute thru Sydney rd in the wet I cringe and have to always be on my toes.
  5. Good going, I was a woose and drove in today but kudos to the 2 guys on bikes I saw on the monash, not only was the rain heavy but compound that with the road spray from truck and cars and I am amazed those guys could see anything at all. I was hard enough to see though the windscreen let alone a foggy wet visor!
  6. Resmen, do yourself a favour and grab some waterproof gloves - $100 and makes riding in rain just a tad bit more pleasurable.
    I'm off to Phillip Island today so I'm suiting up in all my wet weather gear and heading down with the fiance (she will be smiling at me in the comfort of her little car)..........hmmmmm.
  7. Im about to head out there.
    Gonna be fun :)
  8. I couldn't even see out my windscreen today, how did you manage to ride?

    Where do you put your gear when you get to work as well? I've always wondered that, as i work in a trade, most guys who ride just ride in their work gear.
  9. I've got showers at work so I hang my wet clothes up in there. My helmet/boots etc sit near my desk
  10. smee: yeah thanks man. My commute is a tad over 10kms each way and I can always filter/split at will to shorten the journey to make it a bit easier.

    Quo Vadas: D I think I should invest in a waterproof glove like you said to make it pleasurable. Will pop over amx & ps clearance store over the weekend.

    Freeform: Good luck and have fun buddy. I hope you get there as dry as possible.

    Madison: I don't know, perhaps the mindset when driving a car in the wet to riding a bike are different and you focus more to the task at hand on the bike as your survival and staying upright instincts kick in.

    I bought a pair of these rain overpants from amx:

    My brother gave me a 100% water/wind proof jacket he bought from the UK when he was there that he longer uses. It's called Collins aqua and comes down to my waist and also fully covers my neck/throat.

    This is where I put my wet weather gear when I get to work : )


  11. Rode 50k's in it today. Learned a few things. My 'waterproof' gloves aren't actually 100% waterproof, I need to get some new 'waterproof' boots as they were full of water and my 'waterproof' overpants have a very poor crutch seam.

    Luckily I took a change of clothes :p
  12. Yep, I was out there twice this morning. Wow, that wind was nasty too. Still drying out.
    Found out the shortcomings in my gear. Switched to summer gloves the other week - FAIL.
    And very, um, entertaining down King St this morning with an SS Commodore weaving from lane to lane. Yikes!
  13. I'm definitely putting shopping bags on my feet when going out to lunch. It is bucketing!!!
  14. Im suppose to be riding to Aireys Inlet after work tonight.

    i dont have wet weather gloves. And am not sure if my jacket is 100% water proof.

    May puss out and take the car.....
  15. I'm not so keen on heavy rain and tram tracks, days like to today are when I really appreciate working from home! :p
  16. Something made me wash and waterproof my gear last week :D

    Nikwax is the stuff I use, worth it's weight in gold in this weather: which is nearly what it costs ;)
  17. Hartski: swing in to your closest amx and you could get kitted up with rain gear from head to toe for less than $150. Go for it.

    Grumply it's only water and will dry up so no issues but more importantly as Day commented earlier the more experience in riding thru different adverse conditions under your belt makes you an allround better rider.
  18. could you wear dishwashing gloves over your MC gloves? I don't want to have to buy a pair of waterproof ones as well, having just forked out $1600 or so on safety gear.
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  20. Chickened out today and worked from home.
    Absolutely pouring outside.
    Better off taking a boat I reckon. hehe

    Hey Resmen, I have the same IS-16 helmet. Did you get yours from AMX aswell.
    Good helmet. Can get cheap visors for it on ebay from Korea.
    I'm looking for replacement padding though. So I can cycle and swap out when I wash them.

    Safe riding guys. Typical Melbourne weather again, throwing in a curveball after a nice perfect weather weekend.