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Riding in the rain... How do You Feel about it..??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scorpious31, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    I rode to work this morning 5.20am thinking the rain has never bothered me before when riding so I will be ok.

    3pm finished work and left the depot (Freo)3.05 the drizzle started and by I guess 3.15 it was fairly raining.

    I was fine until I reached Henderson and got caught in a cross wind as them that travel the Cockburn Rd will know there is a double bend, first one way then a small straight and then the other way.I had a slight wobble as I hit the second slower bend.I got a little worried kind of.

    Maybe because its a new to me bike and a different style altogether from what I am used to,Maybe its because of the new front tire,Maybe its because the pain ect of my last off is still fresh in my mind but I am not sure if I wanna ride in crap wet and windy weather if I can help it (used to love it).

    Did I enjoy the ride?, "YES " untill I had the wobble from the cross wind.

    I am wondering how you feel riding in this not too favourable conditions? (yeah I know I will get the harden up princess comments)

    Oh Yeah the wet weather gear I have lol is wet weather gear it leaked in the crotch ,the jacket leaked in various places (not replaced after the off) and my feet where swimming and hands where black from the dye of my gloves which are now 2 seasons old and I thought it wouldnt stain anymore lol

    Is this a whinge Nahh just me waffling off and interested in others comments.

    Stay Well, Stay Safe.
  2. Sometime on television once I heard that Eskimos don't have a word for snow but they do have 50 odd words for various types of snow.

    I reckon motorbike riders need to do the same for rain :!:

    See... the thing is... rain ain't rain.

    Some rain is warm, some rain is cold and some rain is bloody freezing (bordering on sleet).

    Some rain is light, some rain is steady and some rain is heavy.

    Some rain comes in vertical, some comes in at an angle and some comes in horizontaly.

    If you ask me how I feel about riding in the rain... well I'd ask you 'What sort of rain?'.

    Light, warm rain in warm weather (tropical showers) is fine. It can even be a relief from the heat at times!.

    Heavy, horizontal freezing cold rain isn't something I'm real fond of though :)

    I'm happy enough to ride in the rain as long as I've got good tyres and I'm wearing decent wet weather gear though.

    I don't think it'll ever be as much fun as a nice sunny day, but that doesn't mean a person can't have a good ride (better than sitting at home being a couch potato anyway) :LOL:
  3. A fast blast down a freeway in the rain is something else. 100% concentration is needed. Brings out the best in a rider.

    Rode at speed once in pouring rain with two other mates. Loved watching them aqua planing.

    But under normal wet conditions I ride with great care and 100% concentration. I keep the brakes dry by just applying a small amount of pressure on the brake lever/pedal. That way I have brakes that will work in the wet.
  4. I commute by bike, so rain is just an extra pain and danger.

    If its riding for pleasure, rain can be fine - even fun if its heavy enough and I'm in the right mood.

    I did the old road with Ez (last ride for him before army), was raining before, on the way, during and after. Was in full waterproof gear so didn't really get wet. And it was coming down hard at points, but still heaps of fun.
  5. Asto likes the rain.

    Keeps it interesting, and keeps the Fear factor alive.
    Love ride days in the rain (unless I've only got slicks :shock: then I dont go out.)
  6. As said before I have riden in different types of rain. When I first got my bike the second day on it I was riding in the rain. Just light rain though and lots of water on the road from raining all night. It didnt bother me much.

    I have Also riden out of melbourne in horizontal freezing rain and it wasnt fun after I was trying to cross this narrow bridge at 80kph and there was a truck coming in the opposite direction and also road work on my left side. The wind was blowing me accross to the other side of the road(towards the on coming truck). That wasnt fun trying to make it accross the narrow bridge with trucks and road works.

    Other than that I dont really mind the wet....
  7. riding in rain is ok doesnt matter how bad(well when you cant see it sort of sucks)
    But i hate is wind
    A slight breeze with rain hmmmm
    strong wind then I'm taking public transport :twisted:
  8. I just find it uncomfortable. However, on a summer's day, I love a cooling storm to ride through!
    WInd doesn't worry me, never has. Dunno if it is my riding style or what, just let the bike do it's thing underneath you and keep your body in the same position.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. My bike stays in the garage on rainy days.
  10. Sometimes I really enjoy it. Other times it makes me a little apprehensive, but I just slow down a bit. And then sometimes it just pisses me off and I wish the roads were dry. :p
  11. Riding in the rain is scary, I am always over alert which I feel is going to be my undoing...

    As for the wind, road home tonight in it and can throw you around in the lane... Wouldn't want to be too close to the car or even truck in the other lane when a gust came through...
  12. Try not to tense up... when one has slippery conditions it's important to be gentle but still definite with ones control inputs.

    If the bike starts to slide then the last thing you want to be doing is to freeze up (not always easy to stop I know)... but it's worth working on.

    That's why it's important to practice in all sorts of conditions where possible.
  13. Don't like it, but it has to be done.

    I only hate it when I'm copping hailstones in the crotch.
  14. Rain proved to be painfull last monday. I'm almost at a 100% now tho. Still riding the scooter while the bike is at the shop.

  15. As I commute I've ridden in plenty of rain since getting my L's 12 months ago. I can't say the rain bothers me to much but I don't split in the rain. I rather take the freeway in the rain as the speed keeps the visor clear but you really have to keep your thinking cap on.

    I use a Dririder jacket which is very water proof and hasn't failed me yet. I also use a pair of yellow reflective pull over pants that are water proof which I got from a work wear store. If it's really pissing down then I have a yellow reflective vest I put over my jacket.

    Give me rain, give me wind, give me fog, give me heat, but don't give me wind and rain. I went over the Westgate once in heavy rain and wind and I just said a prayer and resigned myself to the fact I was a dead man... obviously not :)
  16. I don't do fog well at all. In fact its one of my main fears. I freak out when I have to ride through it. Even in a car it scares me silly. :oops:
  17. Now there is an interesting topic....

    I ride all the time, through choice (no car). Winter, summer, spring and autumn, rain, hail or shine. I have to say that I agree with ZRX1200R as to the types of rain. I did a ride to Sydney last July and suffered the worst I have experienced. 8-9 hours of freezing cold, strong rain, being soaked to the skin for about 6 of them. I hate the cold rain but weather it as I made a choice to ride. Most of the wet weather gear, gloves and boots especially, will leak and there's not much to do about it. I'm not here for points, merely the reality that it rains and sometimes we're in it. I complain too, but in the end we still ride, for whatever reason that we fancy or can think of. I just think back to the minor hyperthermia and think "It ain't that bad". Its the winter sleet/ice that you have to watch, that's a real #####!

    Happy and safe riding,


    P.S. Try some sealant from the local camping store, tent sealant like Coleman or Kookaburra. That may help you with your gloves :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. Rain is why God invented cars!
  19. Dry is good.
    Very wet is good.
    Slightly damp is bad.

    I much prefer to have heavy rain (pref. straight down & warm :wink: ) than a light drizzle that lifts all the crap off the roads and sticks it to my visor. I'll still take "heavy, sideways and cold" over "light, straight and warm" every day of the week.

    Very wet roads are relatively predictable in their grip levels. Very dry roads are relatively predictable in their grip levels. Slightly damp roads make me f'king nervous.
  20. I always get nervous about some kinda slippery surface coming around corners when its raining. Something like oil leaking from the car in front of me. You know what I mean