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Riding in the fog for the fist time

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MadAzz300, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Thick as pea soup fog seemed to roll in over night *yay* and this will be my first trip in very low visibility. Basically can't see the house across the road, so I'm worried about being seen.
    Although the roads are a bit wet, I will try to ride the centre (or close to it) and stay to the left all the way to work. I have my HiViz wet weather gear on too, so that should help.

    Any tips on this? Where to ride the lane, speed (under or at the speed limit) etc etc

    Thanks, Lee
  2. if you see any cars honk profusely and give them the finger.
    apart from that, don't venture onto the road if you can avoid it and stay on the bicycle track.
    we won't tell on you.
  3. Haha...well luckily I take roads with minimal traffic, still pulled over 4 times to wipe my glasses... The visor was useless but rode with it down a bit to try to keep the mist off my face and specs..
    That was, not so much scary, but freaky when your vision is impared like that. Trying to judge distance goes straight out the window, specially when it took all of 5 seconds before the car in fronts tail lights disappeared!

    About the only plus was: it's not cold :)
  4. Business as usual. Ride at a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see. Don't appear timid or cars will take liberties with you.
  5. well anyway. take it easy.
    flash your brake lights if anything comes near you.
    if it's total white out i wear safety glasses i pinched from work. have the visor up till i hit the main arterials.
    stay safe.
  6. Sorry if I come across daft, but how do safety glasses help? I can grab a pair at work too.
  7. I do the same as MT1. I use them to keep stray bugs/shit that falls from branches out of your eyes.
  8. No radar in the fog!.


    bit of rainex on visor - slight turn of head sees moisture disappear.

    turn up heated grips. Use silk balaclava to stay warm and dry.

    ride like hell. Woo Hoo.

    seriously though, use extra care near intersections, as smidsy moves to a whole new level.
  9. Pinlock is perfect in the fog, cold, rain.
  10. eh....gloves are essentially my windshield wiper in heavy fog/rain (which is why i wear my crappy gloves in said condition's) although i can understand it being a prick if you wear prescription glasses....might be an idea as other's have suggested to nick off with a pair of safety goggles as wiping them off whilst riding can be done easily as opposed to stopping and fiddling about time and time again - +1 to be carefull at intersections/going past side streets as i agree....ten times more likely to have a smidsy incident if not carefull
  11. I was riding with eff all visibility this morning. Cars were being very cautious, I flicked high beam on and off as I approached intersections, a few drivers gave me the thanks wave. Everyone's pretty friendly in the fog, I find.
  12. Yeah was a little strange in the fog this morning, all erie and movie like haha. But at least with your light on you stand out more than all the grey cars driving around with none on!!!
  13. The one thing that gets me about the fog is the sheer number of people who consider putting their park lights on is enough to be seen.
  14. So how many people got 'oh my gawd...you rode in that??!!!' from people at work?

    What was I going to do...get out the pushy? :sly:

    Thanks for all the suggestions!
  15. I once stuck it very bad on the Wollongong Expressway,I couldnt even see the road markings.I pulled over to the side of the road but that was 100% worse.I was practicing to be a truck speed bump,so I kept going.A couple of ks later I came out of the fog,I had taken the Bulli Pass exit and didnt even noticed I had taken a turn off the expressway.
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    Once was riding at seriously excessive speed on Newcastle freeway. Passed a patrol car that had just left Maccas. Didn't see it was a police car in the fog until I was almost upon him. Watching him spill his coffee as I went past was priceless. He never did catch.me love that eerie feeling in heavy fog.

  17. Riding in the fog?
    You must have been pretty keen for a fisting...
  18. Going through Kellyville, Glenhaven and on to Cherrybrook at 6 this morning was diabolical. Never doing that again.
  19. ...fisting? no.. .8-[ wait.. is this one of those.. "I didnt mean that! What were you thinking!" posts?

    It's (kind of) good to experience this is the first 2 weeks I guess. It didnt make me want to throw up my hands and chuck in riding. Definately boosted my confidence and awareness.

    Losing the road must have been scary Zim, probably for anyone who'll admit it lol

    The (stupid) practice of driving a car with park lights only so you can see happened in Canada too, but in blizzards. Lights give a tunnel effect if theres a breeze strong enough to swirl the snow. I noticed the same thing happening this morning. Good for the driver, but not so good for everyone else on the road.
  20. Near my home I have a couple of sections down in a valley crossing over a river where the only light early morning or late at night is the moon or stars. Got bad fog coming home from the Eden trip, high beam made it worse. My son suggested next time I turn my hazards on. I've tried it since, although fog hasn't been as heavy, but it does make it easy for me to see and presume for others to see me.