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Riding in the emergency lane (VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by markcpotter, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to biking in Australia after having riden for a few years in the UK.

    I have decided to buy a bike as the traffic is so bad coming from Point Cook and over the Westgate into the city.

    I have noticed a lot of riders going along the emergency lane when the traffic is crawling or stationary - is this tolerated or would I be in serious trouble if I did this.

  2. illegal. don't get caught doing that.
  3. You would be in serious trouble if you did this. Regardless of the rights or wrongs.

    Take a note also that while filtering is understood and accepted in the UK, the cops here mount a blitz on it every so often, especially on freeways.
  4. Low speed filtering between stationary or slow moving traffic is tolerated (depends on the cop) - emergency lane use or splitting moving traffic is not. You will usually get booked!
  5. I like how you carefully worded that, Harte :grin:
  6. Thanks

    Hi Thanks for the advice,

    I thought it must have been a no no but thought I would ask just because I have seen quite a few doing it.

    Think I have found a better way in now that does away with the problem (along the princes and then docklands highway) where you are not constantly having to filter slowly through crawling or stationary traffic and it is a bit nicer than sitting on the freeway the whole journey.

    Thankful to be commuting on a bike again but must say there are quite a few tossers out there who deliberately close the gap on you when they see a bike - really not used to this sort of thing and can't get my head around why somebody would want to cause a problem or potential accident!
  7. Re: Thanks

    because there are alot of knuckle dragging wankers out there who crack the shits because you "cut in" not thinking about the bigger piucture of traffic flow, just split around the other side and give them a merry wave... and of course allow yourself a smug smile inside your helmet knowing that while you are at the office having your first cofee said wanker will still be stuck in traffic cursing motorcyclists

  8. Mark - not sure of where you have to get to in the city but also bear in mind that the citylink is free for bikes (but not the far end section of the Eastlink)
  9. Re: Thanks

    That's a good visual that made my day. :LOL:

  10. In the morning peak in Sydney, I have never seen the emergency lane on the m5 patrolled. however, most sunday afternoons there are cops patrolling the emergency lane coming into heathcote up from wollongong
  11. it's also the most likely place for debris.