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VIC Riding in the Bus lane on Hoddle St

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kispin, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I was just wondering if there was a reference anywhere to the permanent allowing of Motorbike to use the Bus lane on Hoddle St?

    I have 2 reasons for asking:
    1) For reference, just in case.
    2) I had an accident in Feb and the 3rd party insurance is disputing that I was riding in a legal fashion. (Signs everywhere not withstanding)

    I cannot seem to locate anything online apart from the trial a couple of years ago. I assume however that the signs on the road mean that it is perfectly fine.

  2. It depends what time. I'm not sure about Hoddle St but it's usually from 7pm til 6.30 when you're allowed. Or something
  3. The signs say that it is a bus lane from 7am-9:30am, so can I safely assume that sign = legal?

  4. May be able to get the info from the Vic Roads site
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  5. I have looked, unfortunately the only information I was able to locate was about the trial :(

  6. I would assume that you can ride/drive in that lane in the times marked.
  7. Which part of Hoddle street, and in which direction?
    If you are in the section between the Eastern Fwy and Victoria, which has signs saying 'motorcycles permitted', that sign has the force of law.
    You may need to take it to the insurance ombudsman if they don't play ball.
  8. My insurance company was fine with it, however it is the 3rd party insurance company that is disputing the claim.

  9. I saw those 2 threads, thanks for the assist though :)

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    This is probably the link you want

    Motorcycle trial on Hoddle Street : VicRoads

    Specifically this bit "While the trial has concluded, motorcyclists can continue using the Hoddle Street bus lane while the evaluation is underway."
  11. KispinKispin

    Give me a call if you need help - 0400 119 628

    What I will need to know is:-
    What time the incident occured
    What section of road you were on IE between where and where.

    Motorcycles are allowed in the Bus Lane between the Eastern and Victoria during the Bus Lane only times, out side of these times it operates as a normal lane.

    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary
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  12. On a side note, I was talking to one of the guys from VicRoads at the filtering consultation session last month and he mentioned that they had noticed a spike in motorcycle accidents in this area since the trial. Continued use of the bus lane may not get the support it deserves.

  13. That would be sad, I don't use that route often but the bus lane use is very handy when I do. It would be interesting to analyse the nature of the bike accidents.
    • Has the volume of bikes using that route risen so a spike in accidents is a total not proportional figure.
    • What is the nature of those accidents:
      • Dooring
      • Being merged onto
      • incidents with buses.
  14. I can give you a sample of one: several times when I've used it, cars have shot out from LH side streets without looking (Vere St in particular). It doesn't help that the council insists on growing tall plants to obscure their vision. Avoided catastrophe so far.
    Also, a lot of cars are panic-merging into the bus lane approaching Johnston Street. But again, I haven't actually seen a collision.
    Lastly, there are a lot of cars cutting into the LH turn lane at the Eastern Fwy off-ramp - just cutting the corner without looking for what might be in it.
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  15. The Hoddle street bus lane trial has never "ended"... it might, but it hasn't yet. As Jem's excellent post points out, access is legal.
  16. I just love how drivers turn into the bus lane with their blinkers on doing a left hand turn 1.6klm away...
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  17. I agree, it is very annoying, Although I saw 3 different cars driving down the Bus lane on the Eastern up at the Hoddle St end this morning, makes me wonder what they are thinking (or not as the case may be)
  18. VHC registered vehicles are permitted in that lane I think, so taxi, limos etc
  19. It's just unfortunate that most of the non taxi's I see aren't vha/c vehicles..... :-$ grrrr
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