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Riding In Thailand

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by krystof09, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. I am going to Thailand for few weeks with a friend we want to hire couple of larger bikes (around 1000cc) and cruise mostly around Phuket Is. Would anyone be able to recommend an insurance company that would cover your for injury and liability in that remote chance I could have an accident. And if there's anyone who could comment on their experience or make recommendations (other then Don't do it!) how to cover oneself from being in debt for the rest of ones life as a result of an accident. ie if you make someone else a quadriplegic or if you wipe out few million Dollars in property damage you caused. Mind you we gonna do it regardless but it would be nice to be covered in that one in a million scenarios, forever optimist that I am. Cheers

  2. insurance? that isn't the Thai way... just jump on and ride
  3. Also there are only a few larger bikes to hire, everybody rides scooters. It's really pointless to ride a bigger bike. Try travel insurance and check out the medical coverage.
  4. It is a waste to get a sportsbike but there are big cruiser options available.Kazz and I had a 800 kwacka when we were there. :wink:
  5. just grab a beer, grab a girl and have some fun.

  6. I don't know about yours but my travel insurance regarding injuries sustained whilst riding motorcycles stipulates:

    Riders of motorcycles overseas must have a current licence for riding that class of motorcycle in their HOME STATE otherwise their insurance is VOID.

    If you are on your L/P's beware. You are possibly taking a rather foolish risk renting a 1000cc. (moto injury / gravel rash in a tropical country + no insurance = sucks to be you)

    <<<O.M.G Fully sick and hectic numberplate for a cage: SUX2BU>>>
  7. This would have to be one of the most covered touring questions. Do a search in roads, travel, touring diaries.

    Bigger bike hire was just behind main beach in Phuket from memory.
  8. i wouldnt go out with a thai girl...
  9. better not, the wife would be pissed right? :LOL:
  10. I like how the guy on the left wears shorts and a t-shirt, an open face helmet but then thinks maybe I should wear gloves!!!
  11. Nothing wrong with a good looking Thai girl.

    Plenty wrong with a good looking Thai bloke, though... be careful.
  12. Watch for the Adam's Apple!!

    I rode scooters around Thailand on both mainland and islands. The little 125cc's and below were perfect. I did do a 6 hour ride through the mountains with a 20kg backpack on one of the 125ccs. I think a bigger bike would have been a liability.

    The road surface in many areas requires you to put your feet down and manhandle the bike, something I would hate to do without proper armour + helmet and no backpack. It might even be impossible depending on the bike :)

    I also had 2 x accidents in Thailand. Completely uninsured - and both were the result of me being a dickhead.

    Nothing like locking up the rear brake down a steep gravel incline just to fishtail it like a BMX.... except when you flip upside down and you realise your shorts and birkenstock rippoffs aren't really kevlar'd up, and the ice cream bucket they gave you as a helmet is lying a few metres away.

    I remember lying upside down on one of the shittest looking roads I've ever seen, thinking "Ahh so this is what shock feels like... oh crap I can't breath... oh crap im bleeding". All turned out alright :) except for the diving later - little fish kept taking chunks out of my healing knees.

    So, my advice - get a scooter or a bike. The roads suck balls, the hospitals are .... not like here :), so be careful.
  13. Should be rubber gloves!
  14. ikarys, what was the financial damage resulting from your 2 accidents?
    Bytheway, nothing wrong with Thai girls, not many are overweight with over enlarged lower body parts and always a great smile and polite quiet voice - I like. Just one thing when they ask your name they really are asking what's your pin number and try to find out how much they can withdraw out of you. Mind you they'll make sure you enjoy every minute. However, overall thanks guys for your input sometimes you just have to let go and have bit of fun and if you have to go (so to speak) may as well be doing something you enjoy, no. And just to add Travel 4less insurance will cover your medical expenses from injuries inclusive of being sustained in a motorbike accident while you were riding it(regardless of bike size) and depending on policy type they will pay for any insurance excess (should you have any)that you are liable for. The only thing you will not be covered for is the accident benefit (if you are permanently injured like loose a leg or die) or any third party or property damage liability. I am going mid January 09 when I get back sometime in Feb. (hopefully in one piece) I'll update you with my experience of hiring and riding bikes (and girls) in Thailand. Cheers Krystof
  15. thai man girl ;)
  16. I'll disagree about hospitals. Provided you can pay, good hospitals are world class - the quality of care is much better than Australia. I know many people who've used hospitals in Thailand, including one for major surgery after a traffic accident. You just have to make sure you leave when you're ready because they're happy to keep you in the room: you're paying for it.

    I didn't ride a bike or scooter much in Thailand (only for about two days when I rented to get around various islands). However, I did live and work in Thailand for a while, and drove to work every day (200km/day), so I'm passably familiar with the roads and traffic there. I don't know Phuket, but I'll buck the trend and say that I'd definitely get a big bike for the mainland. My rental could just get up to 170km/h on the motorway, and I clearly remember being overtaken by a Ferrari as if I was going still. Make sure you learn how to drive to the traffic first though (very important).

    Insurance is highly recommended if you can get it, but that will be the challenge. It's not too difficult for cars, but I doubt it will be easy on a bike. In the event of a crash, the local insurer wil negotiate with the police and other party for you. If you don't speak Thai or have someone to speak on your behalf , you'll be guilty no matter what happened.

    If you do crash into a local, be warned: As the "rich" foreigner, you're expected to pay for all immediate medical costs, and the police will side with the local. Costs won't be particularly high (compared with American healthcare), but they can still add up to a few thousand A$.
  17. HAhaha Andu! correction .. *girlfriend* haha

    hey you live in ultimo, ever parked infront of the tafe?
  18. nah I used to walk to uni, no use riding 300m :LOL:
  19. I've done a fair bit of riding around Thailand, don't hesitate to send me a PM with questions,

    Big Bikes; you can hire big bikes, but they are expensive and often from less reputable places.

    Your travel insurance from Australia will cover you if you are licensed to ride that bike in Australia (same rule if you have a pillion).

    For Thai insurance go to Tony at http://www.e-insurethailand.com/ The same as in Australia, Third Party Personal insurance should come with the bike (Thai's have to buy insurance, but registration is somewhat optional)...

    You have to leave your passport at the hire place as a deposit... often the hire guys along the beach (who also have more big bikes) will try to hit you up for damages that you didn't so best to take lots of photos at the shop before you take the bike... any hassles call the Thai Tourist Police on 1155 (freecall) and get them involved to 'mediate'...

    Better still, walk a block back from the beach and hire from a shop...

    have a look at this thread http://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorcycle-forum/phuket-shops-with-big-bikes-for-hire-t2293.html for better info...

    Most hire shops won't let you take the bike off Phuket Island which is only a 1 hour ride South to North... You might be able to negotiate a waiver of that...

    For real riding, you want to head up north to Chiang Mai...

    Be aware that riding in Thailand is quiet dangerous, and they manage to kill many backpackers each year... on Phuket be especially carefull of sand on the road, and backpackers...

  20. Forgot to mention that Thailand is now making use of Random Breath Testing, Radar, and as always helmet laws...

    Other than being killed the penatly for no helmet is $10 per day (they can't fine you more than once a day...

    Speeding will cost more and is a pain, because they take your keys and ID, and make you go to the police station to sort it out before you can do anything...

    RBT will see you in jail with big fines...