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Riding in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by justkroozin', Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Morning all!!

    I'm heading north to Sydney tomorrow morning and need some pointers for riding thru Sydney - other than "don't!!!" :p

    Anything I need to know?? Such as tolls etc. I am staying in Wahroonga if that is any help.

    I will be keeping an eye on the forum till tonight so am hoping someone can 'point' me in the right direction.

    Have a nice Easter everyone :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Never ridden in Sydney but driven there heaps when I lived there.

    My biggest tips and the only ones that kept me alive are

    "Assume everyone is going to jump in the spot in front of you no matter how small it is"

    "Once you have made a decision stick to it, someone is waiting behind you to jump in the gap you have created and they don't always wait"

    "Sydney bus drivers are physco stay clear"

    Oh and Sydney peak hour just scares me :shock: Why are Sydney drivers so bloddy aggressive?
  3. when you get a few more miles under your belt in different places around the country, you'll find that drivers in any city are pretty much all the same
  4. Totally agree with Matti's comments. Need to add Taxi drivers to the psycho bus drivers comments tho. In fairness, Melbourne drivers can be just as bad. Whenever I drive in Melbourne, it seems as soon as the locals see my NSW plates they go really agressive. I know my way around though so when they can't cut me off or beat me they get really pissed.

    As far as riding from south to the northern suburbs, just watch out when you get to the M7 junction on the Hume. Unless you've got a toll tag, you'll need to get off and go the main roads.

    When you get on the north side, watch out for the locals there, they seem to be the worst in my opinion.

  5. Hi Bonox been driving for over 20 years and have lived in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Tweed Heads, Lismore, Bondi Beach, Nth Ringwood, Mt Martha etc etc and was a rep on the roads for about 10 of these years. :oops:

    And in all of that time I have found Sydney drivers to be the most aggressive. But I will say this riding in Sydney s fun, it's like being on a race track, you have to keep your wits about you!
  6. aggressive or "most aggressive" ?

    it's all the same - and from my 15 years in newcastle and 3 capitals around this country, city drivers all tend to be aggressive - get out in the country towns or suburbs of the larger cities and you don't tend to see this behaviour.

    As with most things however, you will never see even a small proportion of the total traffic on the roads, so one persons dream run is anothers nightmare
  7. Should be no real hassle getting to Wahroonga

    At Campbelltown follow the Hume till it becomes the M5 - there is a toll and then follow this road all the way past the airport and then there will be another toll prior to Harbour Tunnel/Bridge. Follow this through to Pacific Hwy exit and you will be at Artarmon (just south of Chatswood), turn right and Wahroonga is not more than 15-20 mins away on all bar the busiest of Friday afternnons.

    Have a pocket full of change, ride like you are invisible and you'll be fine.
  8. Fair nuff :grin:
  9. Actually, from HUME-M5--> turn off to the left onto King George, which eventually becomes Land Cove Road (then Mona Vale after interceting Pacific HWY) (#3) , so turn left onto Pacific and it will take you through suburb of Pymble/Turramurra/Warawee, then Wahroonga

    And when you pass by Turramurra, wave - I live there :grin:

    Sydney driver's aggressiveness and city peak traffic... that I can handle
    Dealing with some weekend driver's stupidity is something I have not mastered
  10. toe, doesn't that all presuppose you are willing to enter the m5 tunnel?

    the king georges above is better - bypass this silly strip and no need to enter the city.
  11. for toll's most of them still have the booths, but the m7 is fully electornic and you will need a tag or you can get a visitors thingy.

    www.roam and rta.nsw.gov.au
  12. the M7 is operated by the vic shittystink corp - still no tags for bikes and they've said they have the same policy for the M7 in nsw
  13. Driving and riding in peak hour Sydney is awesome !

    I've mastered it.
    Just go with the flow and it pays to have a bit of that Carlos Sainz hispanic temperment and reflexes ! :wink:

    Treat it like a PepsiMax commercial !
    . . . . DON'T WORRY, THERES NO SUGAR !!! :grin:
  14. Hi bonox

    Whilst I would not recommend to go through the M5 tunnel everyday in peakhour, your route is via suburbia - halfway across Sydney to Wahroonga. And my route also doesn't enter the city at all.

    If worried about Tunnels you can bypass Sydney Harbour Tunnel and go via Harbour Bridge - nice view so more than worthwhile.

    justkroozin is after the most direct route (I'd imagine) and I've provided it. No traffic lights till ten km's short of his destination - sorry about the non-dsclosure of the M5 and eastern distributor tunnels.
  15. What I find frustrating about riding in Sydney, is not how agressive drivers are, but rather how hesitant they are.

    You make allowances in how the traffic is going to change then you find some tool decides to delay doing what everyone knows he's going to do.

    It brings everyone to a standstill and sometimes puts you as a bike rider in a dangerous situation.

    Things will be more frustrating over easter, because people will be going places they normally don't.

    the good news is that a fair number of people get out of the city, so there will be a little less traffic on the road.

    It can be agressive, but it doesn't flow, due to this hesitation. European cities, which are more aggressive, tend to flow better, because they haven't had sensless propaganda flogged into them.
  16. M7 will send out motorcycles a form to fill in and pay by credit card/cheque.

    It's the exact same charge as the toll.

    They know no tag works on bikes, so are not passing on the admin fee for motorcycles caught by the cameras.

    CCT are the ones who want to charge for failing of the technology.
  17. cool bananas
  18. Hi All,

    Just thought I'd let u all know I rode to Sydney (in one day) and managed to get to Wahroonga ok. Had a great ride around Hornsby (didn't take long) and got back on Tuesday night. :grin: :grin:

    Must say that the drivers in and around Sydney are courteous and I had not one bit of trouble. Once you get back into Vic it's another story though!!

    And apart from nearly hitting a kangaroo near Rushworth (country vic) it was all cool. :grin: :grin:

    Thanks again to everyone that sent advice. Much appreciated.
  19. Get on the M7 at Campbelltown off the road north. Follow it to Pennant hills rd. Pay tol at Pennant hills rd for teh part of teh road that was the M2( yep, stoopid!) and follow Pennant hills rd to Wahroonga. Simple.

    Regards, Andrew.