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Riding in Sydney this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. All I can say is what a ripper!

    Riding through city streets with my feet dragging through puddles, water pushing the wheels around and not knowing what lurks below the surface of the water. It was all great fun and felt 10 foot tall when I arrived.

    Got to work completely drenched but had a better time this morning than I would on a brilliant summer day.

    This mightn't be the day for new riders to head out but rainy days can be the best don't be afraid to get amongst it.
  2. i was up at the oldies joint last night in the Sutherland shire.. i had to ride back down to the gong this morning .. god dam it was wet... i left my wets at my workplace to... so i'm sitting here dripping wet lol..

    good fun tho.
  3. What a farking commute! I was saturated.
  4. It looks flamin dangerous out there!
  5. my gear was still too wet from last night, had to take the cage today, glad I did now, it's been hammering down for hours here at Malabar
  6. i think it was march last year the weather was like this for about 4x weeks....had to commute from Dee Why to Rosebery (2hrs by car, 45min by bike!) at the time....you could tell all the scooter/bicycle riders took the car as to how clogged pitt water rd was

    had wet weather gear which was great, but my leather gloves stank like crap & could never dry out....also i could see nothing with the visor down so had to ride with it up, so my helmet stank damp as well

    i think the boys in the office were wagering on my odds of surviving the trip to work each morning
  7. Got to work relatively dry in my Dri Rider Hurricane suit + boot covers, except for a wet crotch.

    Just can't stop the pooling in the crotch.

    Intense ride though.
  8. I was on the bus (Mona Vale to the city) for jury duty. Jumped on an express bus at 7.24am... arrived in the city at 10.05am! Military Rd was a car park and had me wishing I was on the bike, the Mosman to Cremorne leg took nearly 1 hour to traverse!
  9. Jeebus I'm glad I don't have to do that any more (ex Harbord)
  10. Yep this was me too. Had brought a change of everything except grundies which ended up being wet for the whole day (because of the rain I swear).

    Half thought about free balling but dont enjoy the static this creates - that's just me though - to each their own.
  11. Ha! Before I left home I picked up a pair of underpants with the intention of changing when I get to work knowing it would pool in the crotch. Get to work and empty my bag, find replacement shirt and pants, no undies in site.

    I went the other route and free balled.