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Riding in Siwa, a town 30km from the Libyan-Egyptian border !

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I thought I'd share this with you guys.
    I know some of you think i'm crazy, but when riding is in your blood - you just have to do it !

    Here are some pics of me riding a 150cc Jayun (LOL, chinese made bike) in the town of Siwa, Egypt.

    Pic 1 - The shakedown, complete with prothetic leg and no helmet !
    Pic 2 - The mighty 150cc Jayun, 5sp - complete with plastic crate with date fruit pieces stuck on the bottom, camel wool seat cover and Jawa mudflaps ! LOL . . . cost me 50Egyptians Pounds to hire, thats like 10AUD !
    Pic 3 - Overtaking donkey carts ! LOL

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  2. Pic 4 - Looking across Lake Siwa and the mountains towards Libya.
    Pic 5 - Riding through the Date Palm plantations around this desert oasis.
    Pic 6 - . . . . you all know the feeling guys, thats why you ride !

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  3. For more pics of my recent whereabouts . . . stalk my Facebook pics ! hehehe
  4. We'll have to change your name to "Adventure Man" :LOL:
  5. i'm thinking of starting a book !

    One Man, One Bike, One Leg and One World !

    . . . how does that title sound Paul ??? LOL
  6. I don't think it has a leg to stand on :rofl:
  7. . . . i'll send you the first signed paperback copy !
  8. Awesome, Micky.

    Not having FaceBook...

    MORE PLEASE! :worthlesspics:
  9. Amazing pics, thanks for sharing!