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Riding in rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sher, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. K so i did a search on this topic and was just too confused by the 5 thousand something topics that popped up so im just going to start my own :grin:

    I've only been riding for a few months however feeling pretty confident and anyway in this time whenever i have been out it has never been wet. So now im starting to get a little bit nervous. My little ones are away this week so that means a whole week to do whatever i want needless to say I want to get out actually IN the rain which is forecast for late this arvo or tonight and im getting a bit nervous. What exactly should I be expecting?


  2. Give yourself plenty of room, between other vehicles.

    If your riding on a road that has the waves(from car tyres) they pool with water and the oil washes into them, avoid them the best you can.

    Watch out for other idiots aswell!!

    Oh and relax :)

    Enjoy the week to yourself, practice and practice some more. :grin:

    All the best Kerry
  3. Wetness :grin:

    Seriously tho, just leave a bigger gap, try to stay out of the centre of the lane, take it easy with the throttle/clutch and try to stay as upright as possible when cornering.

    Thats what i was told and it seems to have worked pretty well. :)
  4. i really hate riding in the rain, i had to ride in a bit of it yesterday :( I have not got much experience riding in the rain though, but i am just paranoid of leaning the bike at all in a corner, hell cars go past me on corners :oops: Just go extra steady mate and you will be okey dokey :) Oh the one thing i was told is that when it starts raining, pull over somewhere try like a servo for a few minutes to let the junk wash away a little, then ride in the middle of the lane :)
  5. Dude this is a post about riding in the wet not about a hyosung

    Do a search for hysoung there is heaps

    Now I have ridden in the rain once and it is a little slippery i just took corners really slow, and kept a huge gap, which naturally cars will just take anyway. but just go slow and put the brakes on slowly.
  6. Dude... I think you ^ posted in the wrong place! :)

    As for riding in the wet, to state the obvious, with rain comes humidity which means that your visor is likely to fog up big time. I tend to leave a bit of a gap to equalize things which helps a bit... and, when going at speed, turning your head to the side occasionally will help to get rid of the rain on your visor (the wind will blow it off).

    But good luck. It's good to not just be a fair-weather rider! :)
  7. thanks all for rain advice, specially kraven, do i reeeeeeeally have to get wet? *whines*

    humour eases this growing knot in my tummy.

    good advice to wait a bit when it first starts to rain, i hadnt thought of that.

    thanks everyone :wink:
  8. It's much less uncomfortable riding in the wet when wearing gear that doesn't leak.

    Leather is great for protecting your skin, but the synthetic cordura jackets are much much nicer in the wet.

    Good water proof gloves and boots help lots too :)
  9. and be VERY careful when changing lanes or crossing white lines..
    Those painted lines will get very slippery. Dont be to surprised if the back of the bike moves around alittle when you cross over the lines.
  10. sooky, i dont know. I ummm'd and aaaahh'd over the pipes but thought why bother when i want to get the triumph as soon as i feel comfortable? im sure they would sound better but i cant be bothered.

    zrx, another thing i hadnt thought of! omg im going to be miss leaky!!! i wear leather, hmmmmm maybe i should invest in some new gear for winter? i really cant see myself in one of those all in one cover knob looking things - i got myself some pride on sale at david jones the other day lol
  11. ZRX1200 raises an important point - rain will be far less of an issue if you have gear that keeps you dry than if you're spending all your time focusing on the fact you have wet socks. Just remember that you will have reduced grip - so allow try to be more gentle with the brakes (they'll lock more easily) and for a greater stopping distance. Also try not to lean the bike over too far and remember that painted white surfaces (lines, arrows etc) often have virtually zero grip in the wet so try to avoid riding over them or putting your foot down on them.
  12. white lines are the worst i used to race push bikes, and white would almost always bring someone down, yep definitly no grip there
  13. As far as the helmet goes just crack the visor slightly if you dont have one of the anti fog ones and it will make a big difference as for the water a lot of road gloves come with a small piece of chame in the index finger which will wipe any water of the visor without smudges but just dont sit to close to cars cause the spray of their wheels is the biggest problem in the rain
  14. exactly what everybody has said..

    white lines are evil
    lean as little as possible
    it will take longer for the bike to stop when braking
    look out for rainbow colored patches on the road (that's usually diesel or something that may cause you to come to grief.)

    And buy waterproof gear :)
  15. Riding in the rain is something I really enjoy, but you do have to have gear that doesn't leak. I've done a few rides to melbourne from hamilton in the wet. The first few hours were ok, up till the rain started to soak through my gear, after that it was miserable.
    As others have raised though, the main thing to watch out for is the amount of grip you have drops dramaticly. You've really got to watch out for that, particularly on stuff like clay (slippery like trying to stand on a glass slab covered in oil), and things like manhole covers and tram tracks.
  16. I commute about 70ks a day, so if it rains, it's just wet wet.

    What everyone else has said is correct....leave more space...be gentler on the brakes and the throttle, AND RELAX...if you stiffen up you will be fighting the bike and actually reduce it's effectiveness in the wet. So it's important to try and be "tactile".
    Any decent Bike will handle suprisingly well in the wet, but you can't push things.

    And have gear that will keep YOU dry. :) Riding in the rain can be an enjoyable experience.
  17. Being as smooth as possible is the key and obviously accounting for the slippery conditions by reducing speed and giving yourself more space. Also be aware that oil will be washed to the surface of the water on the road so take it easier until some of that has been washed away. White lines can also be slippery and any metal plates or tracks.

    If it gets a little cold then you might have to contend with a fogged visor but this time of year you should be ok. If not fogged you will get water on your visor which will reduce visbility. If you are travelling at a decent speed then you can turn your head to either side and the wind will push the water off your visor otherwise be ready to wipe with your thumb.

    If its heavy rain then you will want to layer your jacket over your gloves or visa versa (depends on your hand positioning relative to your arms, the water will run down one and onto the other so have the article which is the source of the water collection over the other). Have your pants over your boots so they don't fill with water. This all assumes that you have good waterproof gear, if its soaking up water or leaking then there isn't much you can do. I've not had success with waterproofing sprays, but I'm told that goretek jackets can be washed in waterpoofing solutions to bring that back to life, otherwise you'll want to get something that is waterproof. Gear with specific waterproof liners (usually removable) is a good start at the cheap end at the upper end of the market goretek fabrics and the line avoid the need for a seperate liner.
  18. Do I have another Hamiltonian in the netrider midst? That ride on a 250 with bad suspension late at night in pouring rain during winter isn't much fun. More fun in summer along the GOR.
  19. Make sure you clean your bike when you get home and re loob the chain.
  20. The wet is good for practising powerslides out of corners!