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Riding in NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by android, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Hi People

    A couple of friends of mine and I were thinking of going for a little ride into NSW. We were thinking of taking in Putty Rd and Thunderbolts Way and whatever else we come across up that way.
    What I'd like to know is how heavy is that area/roads policed?

    We're looking at going up over the easter break and taking the whole week off up to ANZAC Day. Does anyone know if that whole period of 12 days will be double demerit points in NSW?

  2. yep double demerits. Only think it's for the 5 days over easter though. check rta.nsw.gov.au for details closer to the date. Putty isn't that heavily policed, but you will see a few, esp over the easter break.
  3. Heading up that way myself at the end of the month. I've got it on good authority (from the locals I will be riding with) that you can fang it through Thunderbolts Way, but unsure of Putty Rd. As for the double demerits, I'm unsure but I always thought it was only during a public holiday weekend.
  4. I imagine there'll be a few more coppers than usual out there on that weekend...pick another weekend?Or get the map out & seek out more out-of-way roads...Peter Theoming has a book out by Hema maps...I think.Goodluck :)
  5. Putty Road WILL be policed over that weekend since it is known to be a spot where it's easy to book people; there are plenty of hiding places for camera cars, and plenty of places to pull people over. Watch out especially for the small towns like Colo Heights that have suburban speed limits, even though it appears to be open road.

    Thunderbolt's Way was great when I did it in August last year, but the recent ridiculously high temperatures has degraded the surface of the roads around that area greatly. Exercise care, it can only be classed as a B road at best. Police I didn't see, they are likely to be concentrated closer to Sydney on the Buckets Way, etc (Can't get too far away from our free McDonalds, now can we??)
  6. Seems every year "all police leave is cancelled to catch speeding drivers" on double demerit weekends.

    Did Thunderbolts, Oxley, O'Sullivans and Buckets in early Feb and didn't see one cop.

    Anyone clarify that interstate licence you can't lose any points? Knew it worked in the early 80's. Had two licences and would use the outer state one and lost no points.
  7. NSW RTA site says this.

    With the whole system being computerised now its probably automagicly transfered into your states system. Where in the 80's it was too much work to match the records up.

    Has anyone been banned from driving in a state? :LOL:

    Do DD's apply to interstate visitors? Bit unfair if it is, they didnt vote for it or anything and how are they supposed to know?
  8. NSW police LOOOOVE long wekends/double demerits. It's teh only time they can quantitively claim to justify their existence.
    Speeding on ANY road over these periods is flirting with disaster! I like my licence too much to risk it. Maybe I am soft, but unfortunately, that's how it works.
    Which is why I take my holidays just after or before these periods, all the police take their leave then it seems.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Skip thunderbolts way, did it a couple of weeks ago and it was awful, bumpy and in a bad state of repair.

    Oxley is good :)
  10. yeah, agree with tanyathecheeky - my home ground is along the t..bolts way btwn walcha and uralla, there are some lovely runs btwn 'the tops' and walcha, north of walcha the road is shagged.

    oxley hwy is great, see nirvana thread, its a must do.

    rare to see blue on the oxley hwy, but they do go there, i'm in brissy now and i just despise "nsw the police state" attitude
  11. Dont forget Old Pacific Hyw from Berowra to Mt White onwards. Use to ride up there all the time, lost of fun. Be careful of cop patrols once you cross the bridge at Hawkesbery river, Grey XR6. Stop into Road Warriors cafe to find out info on whats been happening at the road on the day, such as accidents or cops.