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Riding in Halls Gap

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by boy biker, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. hi all
    im writing this because i just read the thread about the bloke that did the black spur for the first time (icecoffee71) and would just like to say congrates to him but i also have a question i rode what i would i call twisty road for the first time on the weekend at halls gap and was wondering how this compears to the BLack spur and the like .the part that i and some friends rode was the part from halls gap (where you turn off at the cop station ) follow the road past mckenzie falls turn off and onto Horsham.

    this is the above said thread incase you where wondering

  2. I reckon the road you were on is probably a more technical ride. Beaut road!
  3. ok then. it sure is lol and its got 100k limit on it to which is good and not much gravel on it
  4. Well, I would just like to let everyone know, that I am actually a female, not a male! I do like males alot, lol, but I a not one, :grin:

    What I would like to know is why people thought I was a male? :?
  5. oh ok then sorry i didnt mean anything lol i just took a 50/50 shot that u were which i obiviously i got wrong lol
  6. Riding a GPX with purple wheels and highlights didn't give it away? :LOL:

    edit: wrong bike type whoops!
  7. Pics or you're lying. :LOL:
  8. No drama, it's all cool. Not the first time I have been mistaken for a male, lol. (I used to have quite short hair and I have always been a tomboy).

    Here is a pic of me on my bike, no pink for me, he he!

  9. Pretty sure I've seen you down High Street on occasion :)

  10. well obiviously not lol ok then. see thats y i didnt no lol
  11. It is likely that you may have seen me in High St, though I do spend more time in Gower Street and Plenty Road.

    What's so wrong with having my Draggins tucked into my boots? lol

    I think I will have to ride that road in Halls Gap, when I'm staying in Hamilton over Christmas.
  12. Apart from looking funny? :p If it rains the water will run down into your boots and your feet will go mouldy and grow potatoes.
  13. You're staying in hamilton over christmas?

    I'm Sorry! :p

    Make sure you hit up the Attic!
  14. If it rains, I wear my full body waterproof suit that goes over my boots. So, no drama. The one time i got wet on my motorbike, before i got my waterproof suit, I noticed my wet crutch from tank run-off more than my boots getting wet, lol.
  15. I grew up in Hamilton and most of fine family live there. It's a nice relaxing time away from work.

    I would rather blow up the Attic, than set foot in the door, lol. Or rev the engine of my GPX outside the bedroom door of the people who visit there at 6am on a Sunday morning. :twisted:
  16. lol one way to bring a thread in to the gutter ;)

    anyway, I think I prefer riding around halls gap then the spur. At halls gap, due to the distance from melbourne, you seem to get alot less weekend warriors, both on 2 and 4 wheels. Also you can take the scenic route along the GOR from melbourne till you get too warrnambool and then ride inland to halls gap (can do it in a day ride, but it makes for a very long day on the bike or spend the weekend there).
  17. +1

    At least i'm not the only one with a dirty mind.
  18. lol thanks for everyones input even if it did get a lil side tracked it is a good road and should be rode if you have the chance.
  19. All the best posts on this forum get side-tracked, lol
  20. lol that is true they do and that was a quick reply lol