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Riding in hail (with pics)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. I decided to go for a ride today out to the mountains via Richmond. I got past Blacktown when it started getting really dark and windy so I decided to turn back.

    No sooner had I pulled a U-turn, is started to rain. I limped along - very nervous riding in the wet and I'm on my L's.

    Small hail started hitting down so I pulled into a side street to look for a car port or some kind of shelter. I searched frantically - and nothing.

    Then... BANG!!!!! Massive hail stone hits me in the head. I had nowhere to go and I'll be honest and put all macho man stuff aside - I was scared. I was in the middle of a street, with hail falling all around me with nowhere to go. It was so loud inside my helmet

    The only place I could find was under a tree so I rode over and parked under the tree which didn't do much for cover but was better than nothing.

    So I sat under there and got pelted with hail the size of oranges - see pic! I was covering my bike with my back and hands so it wouldn't get damaged. True love?

    I waited like this for a couple of minutes, laying over the fuel tank, worried about my brand new bike which is only a couple of weeks old, before deciding that under a tree in this condition was very dangerous, so I decided to run for it, and sprinted out into the storm.

    My head and back was getting smashed with the biggest hail Ive ever seen. I was seriously sh1tting myself, as it made me aware so how vulnerable we are as humans. I was searching frantically for somewhere to hide, and while this may sound dramatic, when you see the pic and think that hundreds of these are falling on me, and all around me, you'll understand.

    I soon found a car port so I ran in there and just waited it out.

    It soon passed the the street was a mess. Houses roofs coming off, EVERY car dented, most with windows smashed.

    I was pretty shaken up and decided to make my way home straight away. I rang my wife to tell her to cover our cars. I rode along slowly, the road covered with hail, branches, twigs and anything else thinkable. I limped home along the M2 at 70km/h. I had no etag but I didn't care - I rode through every toll point without stopping. I'll deal with that later.

    I've only done 500km so far on my bike and I gotta say that today was by far the worst ride I've ever had and my bruises look like I've been playing skirmish.

    I got home, and there were about 10 girls over for lunch with my wife. Any sympathy you think? All 10 of them laughed at me when I walked through the door looking drenched and forlorne. "Good ride?" Says my wife.
  2. This is the car parked next to where I was hiding

  3. :shock: :shock: You managed to ride at all in that?? :shock: I'm impressed!

    John just said to me, "Imagine how the squids felt" :LOL:
  4. Wow thats insane :shock:. Whats the damage to your bike? :cry:

    I had a pretty intense first experience in a storm on friday (im on my Ls as well) during the terenchal rain storm, almost rode into a flowing river of water up to the handle bars on south dowling st. But it doesn't compare to cricket ball size hail!.
  5. Most important question: How's the bike? :p
  6. Holy mother of!!! That is one huge hail stone... I've hated hail with a vengence ever since it dinged up my car back when it was the only thing I owned & loved to death... and couldn't afford comprehensive insurance. This is twice the size!!

    Atleast you're okay, thats what really matters, one of those to the head can literally kill you.

    Hope the bike is okay too.
  7. Jesus. You were lucky... My mrs had her car parked at work in Blacktown... Its stuffed. Windows smashed and hail damage everywhere. Im glad i didnt ride out there to meet her for lunch today or i would have been in all sorts of trouble.
  8. Seeing that I'm glad I live in Melbourne! Never seen it that bad down here. Glad you made it home safe :)
  9. My goodness that's big hail! Good thing you're ok. Hope that you're not too shaken and the bike's ok.

    edit: spelling
  10. I just finished work when it started. If the storm came 30 secs later, i would have been out there in the thick of it. It was quite scary just out on the back porch with those hail stones exploding on the ground and woodwork, showering us with pieces, even though we were under cover. Had some pieces that were almost as big as yours (though that was after exploding on the ground :p ). Work utes and vans all dinged, with one windscreen smashed.

    Unfortunately, we park outside. A Hail stone put a rip in my mate's bike seat, and also flicked the switch on his headlight onto highbeam :LOL: But my bike got a big ding in the tank which im pretty pissed about. If i ran out to try and cover it, i probably would have been knocked unconcious.
  11. lol and i thought that riding in rain was bad, good to hear the bike survived
  12. :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Re: Thank GOD for helmet - riding in hail (with pics)

    Nothing smarts like a heartless lack of sympathy in times of need, does it? Good luck straightening out the tolls ...
  14. Geebus! I've ridden in hail before, but it was no bigger than a small marble. That would have been frightening for ANYONE, much less a NEW rider on a BIKE! :shock:
  15. Come on Moog wot happened to ur bike was it dare i say it "Damaged"?
  16. Yipes that is some serious hail.

    Worst we got in Hornsby were 50 cent coin diamiter balls. Mates car got a few dings still
  17. Wow. I hope you have small hands, because if you don't - THAT HAIL IS HUGE!!! I've ridden in small marble sized hail before and that hurt enough and was certainly scary enough, what you've been through is seriously massive! Glad you got back safe and sound, hope the bike is all good too!
  18. Had a good look over the bike today and everything is fine (I lay over it during the worst part) and hail was hitting my back.

    There is a large dent on the framing around the front headlight (the only bit I couldn't reach) but I've already ordered a new one from Yamaha which will be $110 so I'll replace that and then my bike will be back to looking only 500km old again! Only had it for about 3 weeks!
  19. Geeeeez, mate!

    My Dad was up in there when the storm hit for some business trip thing. He calls home to say that he's safe, but the hail is as big as golf balls.

    ... we didn't believe him...

    *eats hat*

    My first thought was how rough it'd be for anyone out riding in that weather...

    You are incredibly lucky to come away with a bruised back and a dinged frame. A cricket ball sized lump of frozen water could cause some nasty injuries!