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Riding in groups safer?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jleno, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I’m sure most of you would agree that riding in groups is safer than riding solo (although please feel free to disagree). I’m curious to hear whether people think that riding in groups is much safer than riding solo – ie whether you could say that it is significantly safer than riding solo.

    You can’t control idiot drivers (eg drink driving, young hooligans etc). But I suspect most accidents are a result of careless drivers or visibility issues. So I’m wondering whether riding in a group helps avoid these sorts of accidents (ie accidents caused by third parties rather than rider fault).

    Slightly unrelated - for anyone who has ridden in and around London before, do you think it’s actually safer riding there than here in Australia? In my experience, there just seems to be less idiots in cars (ie your teenage / young adults with silly cars hooning around) in and around London. Not everyone has a car there and those that do seem to be the sensible people, whereas having come back to Australia recently, there just seems to be so many more kids with cars here and doing stupid things (like drink driving and generally driving recklessly). Wonder if anyone agrees.

  2. disagree, riding in a group, people tend to show off to their mates and try to keep up with the faster riders instead of riding their own pace
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    Hmm, depends on who you're with, size, mindset of group, different ability of every rider, etc...

    But get the mix right and group riding can be the best..
    Get the mix wrong, and the day can end up frustrating..

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  4. I guess it depends on who is in the group, but personally, most of the time, I feel safer riding alone.
  5. I ride much worse in a group. On my own it's much easier to think about what I'm doing and what other road users are doing.

    There's more visibility in a group, and there's more chance of getting help if needed, but I say that's it. As said, people often show off more in groups.
  6. i dont mind riding with maybe 2-3 other bikes if i know the riders well and how well they can ride. I think it helps with visability if you do a staggered formation.
  7. Lowest common denominator, It only takes one to stuff up the riding chemistry...
  8. Riding in groups isn't necessarily safer; the key point to riding in a group is ride your own ride, this means do not be intimidated by any other rider in the group and remember to always stay within your own limits. No other rider in the group should be affecting the way in which you ride in any way, if they are there is something going wrong. Keep a cool head and focus on staying upright.

    In the event that an accident does occur it is always helpful to have someone nearby to provide you with assistance.
  9. ride your own ride

    You don't want to end up riding above your skill or comfort level to keep up.

    I think group riding is either the same level of safety, or not as safe as solo.

    If you do have a crash then obv it is better.

    About the London riding: I'm Australian but I live in London. Overall the standard of driving in the UK is a lot higher in the UK. It's also more bike friendly since the centre line is almost always broken right up to traffic lights so you can legally filter/overtake right up to the lights.

    The national speed limit being largely unenforced is good for biking too ;)
  10. we have different laws of physics here
  11. I think it depends on the type of riding...

    If its a mountain ride, then. Group might be bad because everyone has different riding skill levels, so a group might be a bad idea as mentioned above.

    However if it's a cruise down the highway, a group will give you more visiblity to other motorists, therefore safer.

    Riding in pairs I've found though is always a bit iffy, a lot of the time the car drivers don't realize there is a second bike, sometimes if my friend and I are in the far right lane, and he passes a car thats in the middle lane of a highway,the car then assumes the right lane is free, even though I'm right next to them!
  12. Riding in groups is fun but I think it's far less safe, especially if its randoms. I'm honestly more scared of what other bikes are going to do than the cagers.
  13. Best group riding to me is with people you know, organise by who wants to ride the fastest. On transport legs, I.e. highway or through towns you bunch up and ride staggered. Get to the twisties and space out and ride separately.
    You always slow down after the twisties and check that everyone made it through.
  14. .... Define "safer"...

    I ride solo or with my partner (Pref)... 3 to 4 riders are ok for me... But no to larger groups.

    Large groups of bikes tend to stand out ( obviously) can piss off traffic and have too many variables involved.
  15. Generally, I've found riding in groups is ok but every once in a while you'll get some "little dick idiot" who reckons he's Casey Stoner.
  16. As others have said it depends on the group, not just who's in it but how big it is.

    I think in general terms riding in a group is more risky than riding alone, particularly if you are at the back of the group.
  17. Eh?

    And clearly this doesn't factor in the dreaded white vans - they are lethal!
  18. Whilst everyone worries that they will get taken out in a big group, I have never seen that happen. Even with a lot of silly riding and crashes. Bikes are small enough that you can miss flying bikes generally.
  19. I have never had any problems with riding in large groups provided everybody realises there are different skill levels and rides accordingly. There was one exception where there were a mixture of riders and a lot of colour patch guys. They exercised very poor group ride etiquette in not wanting to maintain their position but instead pushing hard to re-group with their fellow patch members. That was a bad ride, and one rider was killed during the ride by not leaving enough space and low siding into a tree. A distressing thing for all involved.
  20. Hehe, white vans are usually ok. You find if you are in a queue of traffic and somebody moves over a bit in their lane to let you filter through easier..... it's quite often a white van! I even stopped filtering behind a white van once as the gap was a bit too small... he reached out of the drivers window and folded his mirror in to make the gap bigger so I could get through, then waved at me. Way above the call of duty!
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