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Riding in Gladstone QLD?? - Making the move from Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kewish, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. I did a search on Gladstone on the forum and came up pretty thin. I see [MENTION=30495]Mr Messy[/MENTION] is working there. I too am moving there in January, going to make some cash in the mines. I have a few mates up there already, none of whom still ride. I've tried to get one of them back into it and he seems to have lost his heart. It's a damn shame.

    Anyone that knows, I'd love to hear your feedback. What is the riding up there like? Or am I going to be dissappointed for a few years. I've been spoilt having grown up around the Grampians and living 40 mins from the Yarra Ranges now.

    I am looking forward to the ride up there in Jan. I'm going to split it over a few days and probably take the coast up as much as I can.

  2. Not many mines in gladstone... but there are some longer rides that are good
  3. You are joking yeah?
  4. Get an adventure bike and hit the dirt, does not seem to be many twisty mountain passes out that way. Failing that a turbo busa will probably provide some excitement on the mostly straight roads.
  5. Buy yourself an R1200GS and start offroad touring.
  6. There are no mines in Gladstone. Plenty of construction work on at the moment with the natural gas though. All the mines are to the west & north west of us. Rollstone, Blackwater, Callide, Tieri etc.
    Cheers, Mike.
  7. im sure the op realises there are no open cut mines in the middle of a town guys, its pretty obvious he is moving to a town thats nearby mines to work in them....
  8. Have you already found work yet Kewish? Only reason I ask is that I know the coal industry has taken a big hit recently as far as prices go (thermal more so than metallurgical) and a lot of companies are either laying off staff or putting a freeze on all new recruitment (even though they may still be advertising positions).
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  9. TBH, no I have not. I did a stint at Zinifex Century Mine (Lawn Hill) a few years ago, I wasn't fussy where I ended up. I intended to get 'in' and then go from there. I walked into a labour hire place in Townsville on Thursday and flew out for my first 14/7 on the Monday. They had contracted me for 3 months. I finished the work they proposed would take 3 months in a little over 3 weeks. They were impressed enough to find me what ever they could. I worked with the OH&S dept and around the HV Workshop for the remainder of my time and was offered a permanent position from that. Due to comitments in Melbourne, I came home anyway. I wish I had of stayed. I had it good out there.

    I to have heard about the coal industry putting the brakes on. It's taking a considerable hit.

    I've heard from good mates that the LNG projects on Curtis Island are screaming for labourers. Hell I'm up for that if it gets me 'in'. I'd probably prefer to be driving a dumper but I'll take what I can get.

    I have plenty of experience in expediting and procurement however not in the mining industry and not on the scale these guys are talking. I had a mate with Worley Parsons recommended me for a position in this back at Zinifex however I didn't follow up on it. I've made some silly decisions

    It's a shame to say, I'll probably have to swap the R1 for something a little more... distance friendly.

    Turbo Busa you say! I'll have the learn to do wheelies at 200+ and put them on YouTube for internet fame! ha ha :p I don't think I could ever treat a Turbo Busa with the respect that a motorcycle deserves.

    I've seen these suckers laden with camping gear, now there's a thought. Never traveled on a bike with heaps of gear on the back. What's it like, have you done it?

    Thanks Mike. By "make some money in the mines", I mean the industry. I see how my OP can be misconstrued. I'm happy for FIFO if it comes to that as well, done it before. I will be investigating Curtis Island in the coming weeks. Hopefully Bechtel can find something for me to do.
  10. Thanks Mike, I appreciate it. How is the riding? How long have you been in Gladdy?
  11. This is our 8th year in Gladdy, hopefully won't see the end of our 9th. Riding wise it depends on what you're into.
  12. Hi Kewish :). Gladstone eh? Its not too bad here really, plenty of work about. Mines though, as above not so much, the mines are really out toward emerald etc.
    LNG stuff being built? Sure, if you have a trade in something and want to follow that path theres heaps of work. I work in the industry thats currently got the blame for killing the harbour, even if thats rather misdirected - but we are used to that, we get the finger pointed everywhere we go :p. Even when - and they always do - the waterways always benefit from our presence we never get an apology lol.

    Riding in and near Gladdy there aint much ive found thats worth the time of day.
    You really need to do a day ride to get any decent roads down toward the sunshine coast, but the closest you will get here is southwest a little toward Monto and theres a few ok roads down there. Only problem is they are narrow and frequented by trucks.

    Best off getting a job secured before you come up pal. Most any jobs up here at the moment say their biggest requirement is that you have accommodation - not the issue it once was as a lot of houses have been built and a lot of workers have moved to work camps, but the prices are still hugely inflated.
  13. http://www.motowhere.com/maps/route/Gladstone-pub-run-then-dirt
    This is meant to be a pretty good road. Havent done that one yet though.

    One thing about Gladstone is you cant take a 10min ride/drive without seeing a marked cop car, and there are twice as many unmarked.
    Theres a ridiculous number of HWP officers at Gladstone, and also at Calliope only 20min out of town.
    They just loop around or sit behind trees in spots where the speed limit drops for no reason at all on a straight road with no intersection and then goes up again - so noone would normally bother slowing.