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Riding in fog..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by andrew250271, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. How does everyone combat the 'fogging' of the visor when riding in fog??

    The fog is starting to settle in around my way now, I havnt been riding in much fog before, but I find that even with the visor down it still gets inside and then makes vision impossible..

    Is there any anti-fog spray ?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. You already have the best stuff on the market under your kitchen sink.
    Dishwashing liquid. Costs bugger all and works extremely well.
    Wash your visor first, dry it and then apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the visor and chamois it off (polish the visor).
    It works, try it, it's the cheapest solution out there.

    Or you could go and buy some fancy product that costs a couple of hundred dollars a litre or you could spend $5 a litre on DWL and never run out again ;)
  3. Thanks for the tip Vic...I will deffinately give it a try.

    Do you do inside and outside, or just the inside???
  4. You can do both sides, it wont harm it.
    But do get yourself a good chamois to avoid scratching your visor.

    Plexus is also a nice plastic polish that works well, dont know about it's anti-fog properties.

    Our visor cleaner is also a good "drop" as you can see from the testimonials, but it's not designed as an anti-fog.

    Just remember the cleaner your visor is the less it will fog up.
  5. I got myself a Nolan lid with an anti-fog insert. I dunno how it does what it does, but it does it WELL. And it was a cheap helmet too. N100E flip top. Yay.
  6. Plexus is brilliant for cleaning everything,anti fog though,it is not :D
  7. Outside?
    You wanna watch bubbles all day long? Dishwasher-look? :p :p :p
  8. dishuwashing liquid.. interesting!! I'll have to try that one :D

    I've been using Rain-X (outside) and Rain-X Anti-Fog (inside) with excellent results - perfect vision in any weather. :)
  9. After a while, fog can have the same effect as light rain in my experience - your visor is dripping like you have just been through a shower. For all wet weather I would recommend some of those DriRider gloves with inbuilt visor squegee in the left index finger - absolute magic.

    great tip about the d/w liquid Vic - would never have thought of that.

  10. I bought a Fogg-Off a while ago and love it. It stops the fog and keeps you warm! I did have one of the Oxford (?) antifog inserts, but took it out very shortly after putting it in.....I followed the instructions exactly, but had problems with fog getting between the insert and the visor. Couldn't see a thing!

    :D :D :D
  11. Well I foget..the best thing....

    Now I remeber....

    It's a wipe on product called Rain-X,,,,

    It's the bees knees, it's the ducks' nuts..

    More than that the freeking stuff works.!

    Put on your visor ,put on your bike,
    put it on anything that you want to get ater to run off!
    Put on X"es! Yehhhhh!
  12. I've just bought an anti-fog insert, so my project for the day is to get the thing fitted properly.

    Might try the Rain-X on the outside too.
  13. Spit and then wipe it off, works perfectly and its free.

    All divers do it.
  14. The anti fog inserts do work well but like all these things they don't last very well.
  15. I used Fog City liners on my previous helmet. Had one for the dark visor and one for the clear one. They lasted the life of the helmet and did an excellent job.

    When I bought my AGV a year or so ago, I couldn't get a Fog City liner for it. So I settled for another brand. It was supposed to be photochromatic (changes shades in light and clears up in dark). But I discovered, one night when I got lost out back of the Dandenongs somwhere, that it stayed tinted or shaded after it got dark. Was forced to ride around with the visor up so I could read the street signs. Plus it didn't all all that good a job keeping it fog free.

    I pissed it off and got a different brand. It seems to be OK, but it snags on the helmet as the visor closes which makes it difficult to open and close at times. It has "Ventree" written on it.
  16. The one I just fitted is a Progrip. It's supposed to be photochromatic - I hope it's ok for riding at night though.

    The packaging has a picture of Loris C on it - I'm sure he endorses the product, but then I don't think he's run too many GPs in the dark! :LOL:
  17. I used to use an Irridium visor. Wore it at night as well as the day.

    It wasn't quite dark enough so I wore sunnies under the lid.
  18. Clean the inside and outside of the visor with toothpaste, then wash it off with water. Once done spit on the inside of the visor and wipe it clean with a cloth.

    Now you should be able to enjoy a fog free ride early in the morning.

  19. I have FogCity inners on my AGV on both the standard and tinted visors
    ..they are the ducks guts..very good
    and did not fog up during last weekends ride through the
    mist and fog along Reefton Spur

  20. Just on "The Rainex" treatment it is trongly advised in the containers to keep it away from your eyes.

    Alsodon't paster trhe stuff al over a visor just try it on a corner near a pivot point.
    The stuff is actually deigned for car windsreens, but I have been using on helmets for years with no adverse effects.
    Just be carefull when you first apply it.

    The problems I had with The Fog City "visor on my "Shoie" was that they finally loose their adhesive features and become detached allowing more and more dust particals between the two screens.