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Riding in Cobaw State forest

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Muppet, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Just after a little info on riding in Cobaw state forest.

    Just bought my self a husky and was looking at going to Cobaw tomorrow if the weather is as good as it was today.

    Now as im VERY new to riding dirt bikes and have already injured my self on my husky cos im an over confidant fool lol, Im looking for an easy day, Just get out and about really.

    So i was just curious as to whats its like there. Something a new rider could handle? im a little worried after the rain we have had over the past month is might be a bit of a wet, rocky s*** fight and as im still sporting a slightly injured shoulder it might get a little hard.

    Also any recommendations on trails to take in the area or is it the sort of place i can just cut sick and explore?

    was not really able to find alot of info on google that helped. Been to DEPI website and found some info.

    but nothing really specific.

    Any info would be great,

  2. i went there in the dry with a klx250 with 100% street tires, so yes a newbie can easily have fun. just cut sick and explore. avoid the farm fields which are fenced off, the locals hate bikes in there.
  3. Hey MuppetMuppet, I grew up around the corner from the Cobaw State Forest and spent many many days tearing that up.
    Here are 12 things I've come up with that should keep you safe enough!
    1. Watch out for kangaroos, they are hard to see and really hurt if you hit em. If you don't see any, you're lucky, they are there... always there, lurking
    2. The whole area is a mega-old volcanic zone and there is Granite Rock all over the place watch out for rocks
    3. There is loads of bracken fern in there, keep out of that sh*t, it can hide all sorts of nasty logs/rocks/etc
    4. Until you know where the cross-roads are, take it real slow, horses and 4wds abound and you don't wanna t-bone them
    5. All the tracks in there look the same, there are no sign posts (well not 30 years ago) and GPS won't save you, make sure you know where you are at all times
    6. Stop often and look behind you, especially where the intersecting tracks are, it looks very different going the other way, landmarks can hide and confuse
    7. There are really only 2 ways in and out of there so if you do get lost,you could be there for a long time, best to not ride alone in there
    8. Ruts and potholes can be quite deep, don't fly through them until you discover where the deep ones are
    9. Beware of any moss covered anything, that stuff does not forgive
    10. Don't be still there after dark, it's scary as bro!!!
    11. If you do see a farmer, stop and have a chat, they don't hate bikers (they likely have dirt bikes themselves), they just hate arrogant trespassers of any kind. If you get to know them, they may just invite you to tear around their paddocks for some fun. You might even get to meet their daughters... ;)
    12. Watch out for drop bears, they have sharp claws and will chase you.. here's proof:
    Having said all that, it's relatively flat and great for newbies so have a great time and ride safe. :)
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  4. Lot's of rocks at Cobaw...Lot's and loooooots a rocks..
    Cowy's given some great info and it's clear he knows the area so take note of his advice.
    My only other tip is stand up as much as you can and lean back on the pegs to keep the front wheel light. There's squillions of perfectly square shaped rocks that are waiting to spit you off so keep the front light to minimise crashes.
    It's a great area to ride and if possible, go with a mate just to be safe.

  5. Also, try and avoid squids in clapped out Toyota Coronas going way too fast and sideways rallying around the roads in there. They won't thank you for killing their buzz. No wait, that was 30 years ago. O:)
    Try and avoid the dope plantations as well. (not mine )
  6. Hmmm. Will need to go back i note all the location... You know, So i know to avoid them...

    Ended up going alone and just took it easy and didnt get lost. Pretty good for a beginner.
    But your right some of those ruts were big enough to ride my bloody bike lol.

    I did almost end up as a hood ornament on a land cruiser.

    Cheers for all the info guys.