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Riding in Canada

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by im.on.it, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone here ever ridden in Canada?
    I'm interested in finding out about laws for license conversions etc.
    I hear it's different province different rulings, but can't seem to find a definitive process. I'll be in BC or Alberta.
    Also looking into possibility of International drivers license, it's valid for 12 months but I don't think it will be accepted in Canada after 90 days of living there.
    Anyone with experience, would love to hear your advice.

  2. No idea about Canada, but good to hear from you again :).
  3. I am on an international bike site, bike specific, not allowed to say it on here, but if you PM me I can give you the names of a couple of riders who live in BC and Alberta.
    They can give you all the info you need, or tell you where to get it.
  4. Surely you can mention another forum here mate?

  5. i have driven in Canada.
    the roads and sights are astonishing.
    oh yeah, the people are pretty good too. :p
    if you have a choice, you wanna be in/closer to BC rather than Alberta.

    a few of my australian friends have/frequently/still do live in Canada.
    insurance in BC is a state run affair, everyone at fault system.
    ie: blame and payouts are equally unfair.
    my friends had some dealings with them, so i am sure you can get cover as well.

    movin from this forum ;) has ridden extensively across Canada.
    i will ask him to drop some comments in this thread.
  6. I lived in Ontario for a while but unfortunately didn't ride much. You should have no problem with the Int drivers licence being accepted if you are a tourist. They'll only kick up a stink if you become a permanent resident and don't change it.

    Be prepared for some gorgeous scenery and brilliant riding roads! However, the roads aren't in as good condition overall as they are here so be careful. People are fantastic on the whole and could outdrink most Aussies :LOL:

    oh, and learn to like Jager if you don't already ;)
  7. Hornet: Thanks Paul, been avoiding the forums as it tempts me too much to go get a bike.

    Deadman: PM sent.

    Carver: Astonishing like this:




    I'm gonna be in BC for the Winter, planning on travelling around BC/AB for the Spring and Summer. I too have driven a bit in Canada but only on the tourist license (rental car) but I would like to get back on a bike and see where it takes me don't think rental bikes are a good option, so looking to get licensed and insured.

    Dougz: I'll be there a while, more than 6 months so would probably get into technicalities if i were to get pulled over.
  8. Alberta is the most spectucular province, Rocky Mountains and all, I hired a car and drove the Icefields Parkway a few years ago , stopping in the middle at Lake Louise, to this day I still remember the scenery and sights.

    Oh and people are super friendly I had no problems giving hitch hikers a lift and the locals used to give me a lift when they saw me wandering the streets with my huge backpack
  9. Heya Nee
    Alive and kicking still I see. You doing a season at Whistler or interior resorts I pressume?
    Licence wise B.C. is 10 times easier than eastern provinces, as everyone wants to ride the rockies. I found this out the hard way and seriously contemplated flying to B.C. and starting from that side. So their laws in B.C. are sympathetic to these realities of endless tourists wanting to drive/ride the rockies.
    I rode for 3 months on international licence, no probs. As far as I remember, it's good for 12 months. At least it's valid document for 12 months and I drove all around the world on it no probs. In fact I got it renewed by my parents here and they sent it over to Austria, as I was about to head to Canada and on the road so no fixed address.

    My biggest hassle by far was getting insurance, and insurance is compulsory! If you get pulled up by cops and have no insurance, you have no bike and free bed for the night. Coarse you maybe sharing that bed with some huge hilly billy hick BillyBob, as his beautch in jail cell that is your free bed for the night.

    Loads and loads of V-twin cruisers. By far mainstay bikes I saw. Never seen so many Goldwings in my life. On positive side, as you can only ride 6 odd months of year, you get heaps of older bikes with really low k's as compared to oz, so potentially you can pick up a bargain.

    As for the roads, well obviously you have done some sking there so you know the deal. Amasing riding. Best Ive ever done. The sea to sky highway that goes from Van Couver to Whistler is fanatastic. You keep going after Whistler to Pemberton then from memory it's a 10,000 feet ascent to Lillooet and Cache creek. Then over to Kamloops is something else again. Deer and bear aplenty to avoid, even occassion moose.

    Email few bikes shops in Van Couver, especially ones that hire bikes. They will have most of your answers Im tipping. Hope this helps
  10. I'm actually looking at a licence conversion for BC as well as I've only started riding since living in Australia.

    ICBC (the state insurance company) does not list Australia as an automatic conversion country on their website. http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/moving-bc/licence-othercountry#Variables._frag_ I'm going to send them an email about that very question, but let me know if you find an answer to that.

    movin has given you a fantastic set of roads to get on. I have some other detours I can think of. Following the Thompson river in summer is very fun and it's an amazing road (but you will get stuck behind slow RV's). My family lives in the Okanagan, so add the area around Vernon, Kelowna, & Penticton to the list as well if you're going in the summer. Not unusual to be near 40 degrees. Alberta gets a thin slice of the Rockies, there a few things to see, but BC is must see.
  11. RACV will give you an international licence for 12 months, for what ever you drive, ride here,
    It valid in all countrys worldwide, It may have some exclusions, but ask them and they will tell you for sure. Its a long time since I had one.
  12. "As we do not have a reciprocal agreement with Australia, you will be required to pass all testing, which includes a knowledge test, vision screening and road test in order to obtain a motorcycle licence here. The only testing that may be waived is the motorcycle skills test. "

    Go for the international licence
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like International driver's license will have to do for now, will have to convert it if I stay longer than a year.

    Much appreciated for all the info. Ta