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riding in boots is...wierd!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. well, I'm the lucky recipient of an early christmas present.
    my BF bought me a brand new pair of Rossi boots!

    He'd gone to the trouble of staring at the sizes written on the bottom of all my shoes until he knew my size off by heart & wanted to suprise me. Unfortunately the shop didn't have boots in girls sizes - only guys. So he took me to Grumpy's (aka Adelaide Motorcycle Accessories) so I could try some on.

    I tried a mens 7 (i'm a ladies 8 1/2 to 9) and it was pretty loose. SO I tried a mens 6 - VERY TIGHT!! In the end i took the advice of the bloke in the shop & my BF & got the tight ones "cause they'll stretch". Well I hope they stretch soon cause my feet hurt! it's tight across the top of my foot, not around the toes or heel.

    Anyway today was my first day riding to work in boots...and it's wierd! my old Mac's were thin from wear & whenever I changed gears it was with my actual toes. Now it seems my whole foot is involved here! It's hard to describe but my feet just seem...bigger...or something.
    I missed a few gears, thinking i'd changed when I hadn't. I really have to concentrate to do it properly. Breaking feels wierd too.

    I'm sure I'll get used to it soon, i'll take it easy for now, but I'm stoked I finally have some nice proper boots!!! Thanks baby!
  2. sounds a little bit like a salesman who say the absolute best boot you can possibly get is the one we just happen to have in stock!

    Depending on the boot, yest they will obviously stretch a bit. But at teh same time they should never be uncomfortable. Give it a little more time then re assess.
  3. I know what you mean, I rode with my new Gaerne Supermotard (similar to MX Boots) last night and yea was weird as well. I think ill have to adjust my lever positions to accomodate.

  4. Hey, I would take the boots to a shoe repairer. They can stretch them for you in just the right places. Another option is to make them totally wet, inside and out and then wear them till they're dry.

    As for the shifting, it takes a little getting used to as you don't 'feel' the gear lever. Just get used to making more positive changes, ie. pull up & push down harder. The lever won't break (usually) :grin:

    Good luck, stay safe,

  5. someone at work suggested this to me & I thought he was pulling my leg..... might give it a go!
  6. I bought myself a pair of boots the other day too, I'm still getting used to them.

    It's so different from sneakers in that you have very little feeling. I kept knocking up two gears or not changing when I thought I had. I'll get used to it I guess but very strange.

    I do like the feeling of protection though.
  7. Another hint - mix some metho in with the water and then apply. that way it manages to get through into the leather better. Make sure you use some dubbin or the like after the stretching, to make it water resistant again.

  8. My rossi boots stretched a lot and now they are really confortable to ride. I just wore them full days every day for a week.

  9. Once you get used to boots you will hate riding in "soft" shoes. boots are good. :grin:
  10. Nope, its works a charm. I've been doing it with GP boots for year as well as hockey skates and its never failed me.

    I've never done it with a boot that has a lining though... not sure if I'd be too keen on doing it in that case...
  11. I know how u feel edgelett. It was sugggested considering the complete lack of female boots in the Australian market that I should get small guy boots.

    But I rebelled, for one I don't like most guy boots, they're either covered in flashy plastic etc or are just plain black. and secondly I'm a 6.5, so if I had bothered trying them on I probably would have ended up with kids boots :)

    So I took a chance and ordered some Alpine Stars Stella S-MX4 boots over the internet, I guessed on the size and went for a 6 rather than 7 as I figured a bit tight probably better too loose and they will stretch.

    Got them in on Monday and they fit great :grin:
    Check these babies out


    and yeah I've spent the last few days skipping gears but I'll get there

    Edgelett I hope ur boots start feeling better soon but for any other girls out there I highly recommend Ebay :)
  12. wow they're wicked!!

    that's the only problem with having your fella buy you boots - he goes to the only bike clothing store he knows. doesn't shop around. and my BF has no clue about e-bay.

    i'm still happy with them though, it was a very thoughtful gift as i really needed REAL boots.
  13. Well when I buy all my gear (when I can afford it!) I won't be able to buy women's boots because I take a size 10-11mens which equates to 12-13 women's and I have never being able to get women's shoes in my size. I hate going to wedding's and that because it takes me ages to find a pair of shoes that I can squeeze into. :cry:
  14. I agree with Iondah, boots are so different than sneakers. But after reading a few posts regarding various injuries, I wouldn't ride on the road without them now.

    I found the best way to break my boots in was just to wear them around the house and then walking around the block. They aren't the most comfortable for walking, but it did break them in nicely.
  15. I hear you about Adelaide Motorcycle Accessories - He is my shop of last resort. The problem is that he doesnt give a rats arse about the customer, and gets really shitty if you try and dont buy.

    Good on your BF for buying you some decent boots, though. Persist with the gears, the will fall into line soon.

    Stay upright,

  16. Hey - my first boots were a pair of Rossi's and they were so tight over the top of my foot that I was getting pins and needles for the first couple of days.

    They will stretch. I promise you. Infact, after nearly 18months of wearing them virtually every day and finding that my dog had spent a night with them in her mouth, I was happy to get a new pair.
  17. that's EXACTLY the point where they hurt, and that's EXACTLY how it feels.

    thanks, good to know they'll stretch out!
  18. woohooo! congrats on having some decent boots - and more importantly, gettin' your bf to buy them for you :LOL: i don't have rossi's, so can't comment, but i love my big, bulky alpine stars - can walk 'round the entire Phillip Island track in them and they feel more comfy than sneekers! do they match the bike?
  19. They will eventually break in. And your feet/ankles will thank you if you ever "off".
  20. A sad nana-style handy hint. Wet some wheat in a stocking and shove it down into the toes of the boots. The wheat expands and helps stretch the boot.

    Alternately, go to a decent shoe repairer. If you ever get close to Norwood, Roberto's (on the Parade right next door to Vari's Deli) is an great old-school shoe repairer. Closes at 1pm on Saturdays (another old school concept.)