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Riding in Bali

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by darkstorm, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. hey guys.
    We are going to bali in a couple of weeks for our yearly relax, eat and drink ourselves stupid holiday :grin:
    We met some awesome people there last year, who we have become great freinds with, and who are coming with us this year. One of the other couples were already into motorbikes, (Pete loves bikes so much he became a Postie lol) but his pride and joy is a super blackbird. (which doesnt quite suit his cruiser style beard lol). Since returning from bali last year and a few local get togethers here in melbourne it turns out his wife has been inspired to get her bike licence and now rides a GPX 250.
    The other couple we met were also inspired to get their licences and bought a 250 virago and a scooter. They live near the gold coastand were very soon sick of the scooter (apparently not enough of a buzz) and also had to get it away from their excited 15 year old who dropped it twice when they were out and he had a play lol. so they sold it, went on the Q-ride course and bought a yamaha 600 cruiser. Much jealousy erupted between them as to who was on the 600 and who was on the 250. so now the 250 has been sold and they are looking to get another 600.
    We have considered hiring bikes in bali and going for a cruise, but are not sure as the streets are mayhem, and without eyes in every side of my head, i am not sure it is a great idea.

    Has anybody been riding in bali, and come out unscathed or have any good stories?

    Also if anybody has been to bali what are some of the must do`s as in places to see, eat things to do?
    Photo of Pete who rides a super blackbird
  2. We did 7 trips to Bali and made some awesome friends over there.
    Some we keep in touch with, others we've lost contact with.
    Unfortunately, the Bali bombing killed all the security guards that worked at the Sari Club. We knew them all quite well :(

    There are so many things to do/see/eat/drink that you need a year over there to achieve it all.

    Waterbomb Park is a must do
    Forget out Kintamani Volcano, it's crap.
    La Lucciola Restaurant
    Dayu II restuarant
    The Bounty nightclub
    Peanuts II (if it's been rebuilt, burnt down a few years ago, again)
    Poco Loco restuarant
    Nusa Dua watersports
    Ubud Market
    Tahna Lot
    Lombok if you want to do nothing other than relax by a stunning beach
    Turtle Island
    There is a wildlife zoo(in the back of a shop) on Jalan Bakungsari near the Kuta Beach Club

    Thats all I can think of for now.
  3. And "Poppies" (Poppy's) ?...restaurant in Kuta.
    Check out the G-String Euro girls, down along "Legian Beach" :grin:
  4. hiring a bike;
    - the helmets they offer are ridiculous
    - take your own helmet, a dirt bike helmet would be best
    - take your own disc lock and/or chain for security
    - too hot for normal riding gear, make sure you are at least covered, eg;
    > pants, not shorts
    > runners, not thongs
    > ...etc

    the traffic does seem chaotic at first,
    however there is some sense to it;
    - try not to stress about the traffic coming from behind
    - focus on what is in front of you
    - a horn beep usually means someone is overtaking you
    - larger vehicles do tend to give way to smaller vehicles, if you ...
    > stay to the left
    > keep your own pace
    > don't do anything stupid

    places to see;
    - Jimbyran Bay; for a BBQ Sea Food Feast at Sunset

    places to avoid;
    - Kuta, don't waste too much time there, the rest of the island is much more rewarding

    - i will review my photos and update this post a little later on
  5. Thanks vic
    We have heard good things about some of these places, and yes we totally agree that kintamani is a waste of time, as we have done it twice, in different groups. will definately have to find that wildlife zoo.
    Did you ride while over there?
  6. Are you sure that they were girls? lol
    first time in bali we went on a cruise with some dancers. They looked like girls but were the prettiest little boys my wife and i had ever seen lol...

    Thanks for The riding tips Carver. that all seems to make a lot of sense from what i have seen there.
    I was however hoping to get 3 of us on a scooter with a coulpe of surf boards, NOT!!! lol have seen it a few times though.
  7. I have tried most things that life has to offer, that is certainly NOT one of them ;)
  8. Have you heard Redgums - "I've been to Bali too"....nuff said :grin:
  9. cant remember the name of it, but the monkey park was pretty cool :D
    the beach near the shopping plaza (and hard rock) in kuta was nice.. plenty of hot semi naked chicks :D
    we hired a minibus, a driver and tour guide for a whole day... cost us all of $70AU which was pretty cool, saw the big tour groups get shown plants, while out guide jumped the rails and picked it for us to eat :D
    some of the temples were cool to look at, but once you've seen one, you've seen em all :D