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Riding in Bali

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazzler, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. I've just spent the last couple of weeks in Bali and riding around on a 125cc scooter. The traffic can be manic, but even in the busiest of times it is so good when you know that other road users are considerate of bikes accepting and expecting you to split, filter, undertake and overtake (or ride on the footpath) to progress through traffic.

    WHY?? because everyone rides at some stage. Because the bike you are on the road with could be a 12 yo kid or a 70YO grandma or may have the whole family on board. It is a bike culture and it is most enjoyable.

    See you all back home soon.
  2. I recently spent a couple weeks riding in Taiwan. And I feel exactly the same.
  3. Organised Chaos! Bali is crazy for riding. You just expect the unexpected... When bike pops out from a small alley, heads down the wrong side of the road and then up the footpath its not unexpected lol.
  4. There's no organisation, it's just chaos with a smile and a wave.
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    It's fantastic. I wanted to hire a bike over there but never ended up doing it. Might do that when I go back next year

  6. We went last year and I rented a scooter for part of the trip and a 150cc Yamaha Byson(?) for a couple of days.

    My advice is go the bike. So much easier to ride than a scooter. More stable, balanced , brakes work better and slow riding is better.
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  7. My first experiences of traffic were on a scooter in bali, and I had a great time. The only aggro I experienced was when another Australian tooted me then squeezed past because he felt I was going too slowly on the footpath. It's been two years since I was last over, I think it's time for another trip.
  8. . . . . and 'premium' (ULP 91 I think) @ 4,500Rp (50 cents)/ltr or 5,000Rp in the bottles roadside.
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    I'm in Bali riding a clapped out semiautomatic scooter with a surfboard rack on the side this week! Awesome fun. In Kuta and surrounds that is all you need.

    I might hire a bigger bike for going up into the hills though.

  10. How about the friggin traffic at the Galeria 'statue' roundabout.

    I travelled the mountain road between Candidasa (actually from Karangasem) and Tulamben last week, it has been resurfaced and if it wasn't for the dump trucks, it would be sensational.
  11. Same deal in Thailand....

    Even though I believe scooters are inherently less safe than bikes - I felt more "seen" or "visible" on my Yamaha Wave 125 on Koh-Toa Island than many a morning commute.....
  12. Been to Bali 5 times in the past. Stayed in Kuta by the beach :) Always had a bike, always loved riding it there.
    Did you get into Denpasar? What a hoot!! Lol
  13. Yeah, went into Sulawesi Market, not as much fun as riding out and about and in the smaller towns. One way streets and MAD crossroads with apparantly no rules as to right of way. Survived all the same.

    Only three more days then back to icy Siberia.