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Riding in Bali - Tips and Advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. So much to my protest I am forced to take a trip to Bali to holiday with the wifes family. I booked in the best resort I could find (Padma at Legian) and have now decided I want to go riding. Looks like a scooter is the best option, at least I can carry water and food, but I have not written of a bike yet.

    So I am looking on tips for:

    a) Place(s) to hire scooters/bikes in Kuta/Legian
    b) Places to ride from Kuta/Legian.
    c) any other general info I should know.
  2. Dont do a scooter get a proper bike
    There will be guys tripping over themselfs to rent u a bike,dont take the first one have a look at a few bikes and get a price guide from torists that have one already.
    Get a international licence from racv before u go.
    Unless u are an experienced rider dont do it.
    i have riden all over bali a number of times and if going into the mointains again a scooter wont cut it.
    Get used of the way the raffic works before you go out to far.
    If u have a half face helmet or acces to one take it with u it will be more comfortable than a plastic bucket and may save your life.
    Hope that helps
  3. Thanks z900. Have the international licence already. Got plenty of riding experience. Planning to take full face helmet, gloves and a jacket.
  4. Ohh and travel insurance
  5. and a bag full of drugs, think of how famous u would be :D
  6. All the above and don't let them con you into getting petrol from 'this cheap place they know around the corner' aka THEIR mates!

    It's good fun, if you're a bit hesitant like my mate and his brother were/are you can get stuck a few times, in which case you won't want to go any further than the tourist areas. Once you head out of town, it gets much more hectic and you stand out [to the fuzz/po po] much more!

    My mate forgot his int. license on the day and got done $40 big ones on the spot! So just make sure you have passport and license on you at all times. If you're iffy on the passport bit, just take a photocopy of it first and carry that with you, locking the original in your hotel room! ;) Most places will accept a photocopy, 99% of the time.

    ALSOOOOO it's a 50/50 choice but they try and suck you into buying insurance that isn't apparently covered by your own insurance. I've heard different stories about this such as them screwing you over if you have an accident making you pay EXCESS (like more than what the bike is worth new to them) amounts for repairs. Worst case is they can threaten to call the cops in which case you'll end up paying - short story is, get it if you're not a tightass or just don't crash! At the end of the day, it's all just extra measures to avoid a meeting with the police, something which I definitely didn't have myself wanting to find out the hard way. Not to mention also, but the OTHER last place you want to end up, is their hospitals! :|

    Otherwise, have a good trip - hard to believe but it's even cheaper than Thailand (if you've been there)! I loved it! Safe riding.

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  8. Don't forget to carry around small bank notes for the odd police "random checks". Cops over there get paid so little that they use these as a way of bolstering their wage. If you decide not to add some money when you pass over your license, expect that you'll be waiting for a very long time by the side of the road before they "process" you.
  9. I have travel insurance too. Made sure it covers motorcycles (RACQ).

    I was searching the net, and all I could find was scooters and 200cc motorbikes (a bit light on for my 110kg frame). I'll keep looking, but I guess I might have to wait until I am there.
  10. i rocked a scooter over there because i couldnt find any real bikes.

    you should also take a helmet camera.
  11. You can rent a scooter - get a honda vario, the biggest available, 125cc for around $3 a day if you rent for over a week. You can rent from the dodgy guys who approach you on the street - what usually happens is they ring their mate who has the business, he will bring the bike and the original guy will get a commission. The last scooter I rented for a week cost me 30k rp a day, about $3-4 bucks.

    If you are planning to just ride round Legian or Kuta, a scooter is a far better option than a bigger bike unless you want to be in first gear all the time. If you want to get out of town, you should be able to rent a Honda Tiger or similar, of course, this will cost more. You'll almost never to more than 60km/h anywhere so a big bike is redundant.

    You don't need an international licence, but if you have one, good. If police pull you over, it's often easier just to give them 50,000rp (about $5) and you will be on your way. Be polite and smile when/if you get pulled over and you won't have a problem. Police will "fine" you for not wearing a helmet, not having your headlights on, or anything else they can think of.

    At intersections, just politely push your way through, you get good at seeing gaps. Don't assume you have right of way anywhere, cover your brakes and be ready to stop or swerve at any moment, cars and bikes behave very differently there to here.

    You can buy petrol (bensin) from the roadside stands, you'll see it on shelves in vodka bottles for 5000 per litre. Nothing wrong with buying this stuff, I've never had a problem.

    Good luck, riding in Asia is great fun.
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  13. Cheers antoman, exactly what I am chasing.
  14. haha that sounds very much like their cops.

    When I was in Laos, the officer pulled us over randomly. Our driver who is Lao basically asks "Anything wrong?"

    Cop just said "Not if you give me enough for a coffee and meal". We were on our way after that.

    That's a good story had me lol'ing for a while.
  15. As per the int. license, good you've got it and anyone else that is thinking of doing this, get it as well!! I had mine in this case and they did check both all of them - passport & int. lic as wel as the moto endorsement on the int. license!! They will know so don't assume they won't or you'll just be wasting your own time. In this case int. lic. = $32. A seizable fine YOU WILL pay is more than this. Assuming you get done & you will, that's already paid for itself. Having mine meant it only took a couple of mins cos they knew they had nothing to fine me for, instead my mates copped it.

    Int. Lic. for the win!
  16. the best thing you'll be able to rent is a 150, but I think a scooter will suit if you're only going to potter about the streets. First time I rode was in bali, and I survived... so you should be ok, just don't let the traffic phase you and be careful.

    If you're really desperate for a real bike, you're staying in legian so go down to the hotel puri duyung in jalan dhyana pura and nick the owner's cbr1000.
  17. I just got back from two and a half week in Bali and Thailand. Riding is the best way to get out and see the country, much like here.

    When we were in Bali last year i didnt have my Int. License and it cost me Rp. 200,000 ($22).....twice. So made sure i had it this time.

    We got a scooter last year and for the first week this year, yamaha around the 125cc mark, this was fine running around and even out into the countryside....with a pillion, and i am not a small guy (read: little heavier than you).

    The second week we got a yamaha vixion (FZ150) this was great out on the open road, but really not worth the hassle for the large amount of time you spend in traffic sitting in first gear.

    The scooter cost Rp. 50,000 per day as a pretty set rate there but you get it cheaper for longer, just negotiate. The FZ150 was Rp. 70,000 per day and we got the done to Rp. 50,000 a day for a few days hire.

    If you are cautious about hiring off the street as the hotel to organise the bike for you or recommend someone close by. its might cost you a $1 a day more for the piece of mind.

    One ride that i highly reccommed is the loop down to Ulluwatu. Get a map from your hotel or google it. Its down the very south west of the island and there is a loop. some nice twisties and quieter, great fun on a 125/150.

    Enjoy the trip!!!
  18. Thanks hampo. Going to write that leg down now. Leaving today, and looking forward to it. Packed the go pro so should be able to get some interesting vids of the local scenery.
  19. that haunts me a bit lol, because i too never wore any protective clothing or a helmet in thailand, and went bare footed... only because I could :p
  20. Have not had a chance to ride yet. Too many bintangs everyday. Drinking bintang seems to be more fun at this point. Wifes cousin is introducing us to a driver toady, who also rents out scooters so will organise something today.