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Riding in/after rain.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kablekill, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hello All,

    Well It's time to pick up by bike tomorrow, it is pissing down raid and I am getting the feeling that I will have to ride my bike home in the rain or on a road that has just dried out.

    I have been riding on a few road bikes in the last few weeks, however its only been for a hour or so here and there.

    I don't have alot of experience riding on the roads and zero experience riding in the wet.

    Should I...

    A. Let a mate ride the bike home.
    B. Tough it out and use it as a learning experience.
    C. Pick it up another day.
    D. Other (Your suggestions are welcome).

    Any opinions are welcome.

  2. A. Don't be gay, you want to be the person to de-virginise your bike
    B: Probably
    C: don't be gay
    D: don't be gay, water never killed anybody. Except for people drowning that is
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  3. It is a good practice and very practical that you do it yourself just dont chicken out take it slow and you should be alright.
    I dont expect you do 100 kmh right off the bat.
    So B. all the way.
    i ride everyday regardless to the weather . Some say wet slippery road is not safe for newbies.
    I say seriously ? Just how fast or slow that is not safe ?
    Just slow down when you feel uncomfortable with the speed.
    Just one thing about wet road condition is it takes longer distant to brake so keep away at least 5 seconds from other vehicles in front of you.
  4. My gay friends dont do that. They actually have more guts than some men.
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  5. I get the picture, very nice way to put it. LOL :D
  6. Take more time to slow down as said. Keep away from the centre at lights, stay in left or right wheel track. Cars drop oil when sitting at lights. Some older paint road markings are slippery in the wet so just avoid these full stop.take it easy on round abouts. Look! Where you want to go, turn your head, keep upper body relaxed,.. riding in rain is nice sometimes, just don't make any sudden moves and keep it steady and deliberate.. enjoy your new bike!
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  7. All of the above by SevenSins. Just take it easy and enjoy the ride, no matter the weather. Rain in the early days gives you time to practice, as you generally ride a bit slower in the wet, than you normally would - tyres are new & cold, so will be naturally slippery anyway.

    It's a great feeling, when you're a newbie, getting that new bike and taking it for a spin the first time... then the bug hits you, and you can't wait for the next one.
  8. Gay men are the toughest of all
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  9. :rofl:
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  10. hahaha:applause:
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  11. Totally, off-topic, well kinda, but seeing so many ads on bike sales with comments around supposedly never ridden in rain etc. do they not clean their bikes either? What happens to the bugs, do they try and clean it waterless? Do they clean the muck flung up from the tyres? Ok so maybe they clean their bikes with water, last time I checked the rain was made from this thing called h2o as well.
  12. never ride in the rain may means that the bike was for weekend recreation purpose only thus it has not been out on raining weekend.
    If commuters , they definitely have to go through rain sometimes.
  13. You will be fine it really is not that bad at all. Btw when you come to sell that Er6N in your sig it will be a 2013 not a 2014 so don't get shocked when you sell it
  14. What license do you have? L, P, Full, none?
    I'd give it a go but that's without seeing what you are like on a Bike now.
  15. few hours on the bike probably L.

  16. I have my L's at the moment, Haven't used a road bike really at all. Been using dirt bikes and quads on farms tho.

    Got the bike home, pic bellow. DSC_0025.

    Heading back out soon for another ride.
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  17. Good on ya!
    Bike looks great.

    Get into a Qride course soon and get some practice on it.

    L supervision in Qld is a joke.
  18. Good on you.
    How was the ride back home anyway ?
  19. For future reference, grip is actually pretty good when it has rained hard (usually). The rain gets the shit off the road. Worst time is a light rain after a dry spell. Slippery as hell.
    As said, give yourself time in the wet. SMOOTH is the key. Smooth breaking, smooth throttle, smooth cornering etc.
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  20. #20 kablekill, Nov 2, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
    Booked in to Q-Ride but have to wait 2 weeks. Only time I have to get it done at the moment.

    Really just wanted to get the bike now so I can ride, and get my eyes in and make sure I don't look like a fool. ;)

    I agree that the L supervisions is a joke. But we still have to do it.

    The bike is really nice, for some reason when I through about a learner approved bike I was think it would be a gutless wonder. I was wrong, or maybe its just that I haven't been on a bike for a while.

    Nice and Smooth and once I get use to the clutch on the bike I should be fine, still picking that one up. I guess every bike is different.

    Stalled like 4 times in a row at a set of lights, that started to piss a few people off, I had a good laugh that's all that matter.

    Just got back from a 2 hours ride with a few mates. Most are riding 600's and the special one on a 1000. All and all it was good to get out and have a ride with a few mates and get a few extra pointers here and there.