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riding home on new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jecaspa, May 18, 2007.

  1. hey guys, finally got a bike bought a 07 honda vtr 250 :grin:, i'm picking it up next week and i live on the northside of brissy and i'm picking it up from rocklea and i'm probly going to ride it home. My dad is going to drive with me but I've never riden on a highway before so any tips for my first time on the highway or can anyone share thier expierences?

  2. Nice bike, just take it easy, relax, grip with your knees and don't feel like you have to hurry up. Have a good beakfast and sleep the night before.

  3. If you've never ridden before, take it very easy. I rode my bike home when I got it, with zero experience. But I could drive a manual car blind, so that did help.

    Stick to the left all the time and don't be afraid to go at 80km/h.. Just make sure your dad is always behind you and shielding you.

    If you become uncomfortable or don't feel upto it, go hire a trailer from any servo and just chuck the bike on it. It might help to buy some ratchet tie downs beforehand. Just keep the receipt if you don't use em.

    But don't push yourself too hard, it's really not worth it. It's a very steep learning curve.

    Riding at 30km/h in a controlled environment is very different to the road..
  4. Try and pull a wheelie. :grin:

    Just remember your training and watch out for anything else on the road, whether it's moving or not! :)
  5. thanks for the quick reply guys i have riden a lil just with q-ride then for a test ride on a vtr just neva been on the high way before so a lil nervous :LOL:
  6. Well for the highways, I kinda feld it wasnt much difference from riding between 60 and 100. Just a little fast. I found it hard when I rode at 60kph for the first time though. The bike was very different to car park speeds (under 35kph).

    Before my very first ride on the road I only had about 20-30min on the bike (and under 35kph) then I jus jump on the road (coz I was late for work). Thats when I found out how different the bike handles between 20-30k and 60k.
  7. hey buddy.. i also bought a new 07 VTR i have been riding for say about 2 months now. the day i rode the bike home my top speed was 45kms..lol... i was just freaked out as it was peak hour traffic and it was my first time riding on the road. a 30 minute trip in peak hour traffic turned to a 1 hour trip..lol..

    Great choice of bike as well not that im bias or anything.. you will love the VTR so easy to ride. Now only a short 2 months later im riding with alot more confidence and control...

    Safe ridig :)
  8. Pray that you'll make it home alive.
  9. - indicate without fail. Give people time to see what your intentions are.
    - LOOK, before you do ANYTHING
    - WAIT before you make any decisions, or go for a gap.
    - Relax and enjoy :)
  10. are you on your L's and does your old man have his bike license?
  11. na i got my RE's and na my dad doesn't have his bike liciense. Was also thinking if i put a P plate on the back just to let people know might b handy
  12. ah ok just checking, heard something about qld L platers not being allowed to ride unoccumpanied by a licensed rider.

    guess it doesnt apply here :p :LOL:
  13. hey jecaspa....i rode down ipswich road in peak hour prolly 3 weeks after getting my first bike and just gave myself plenty of room, especially round trucks...but it was real good...stayed 2 the left as was written n took my time...good luck and congrats!
  14. Hi Jecaspa ,

    I am from Melbourne , i have picked my bike up 10 days ago .

    I ridden it in peac hour traffic on the busiest highway .

    I have stayed all the time in left lane , but the good thing for you is that your dad is behind you , he will protect you from the traffic in you lane .

    You should be ok .

    enjoy it mate .
  15. Before you even collect the keys, I suggest you get it covered by an insurer, at the very least third party property, but on a new bike comprehensive is the only way to go.
  16. Our laws go like this: L's needs a 5 question test, P's Need a qride course or an exam, O's need 3 years of P's. RE - restricted to 250cc R - any bike. You can get your RE if you have any drivers license, You can get your R if you have held an open class car license 3 out of the last 5 years OR you have an RE license for a year. L's need to be accompanied by a person with an open motorbike license for 1 year of RE or R on motorbike, in car or as pillion. P's need nobody to follow you.

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did the 07 VTR end up costing you?
  17. You'll be fine

    Exciting hey. I know it's easier said than done but don't be too nervous. A few nerves are a good thing though, they'll keep you hypervigilant. Own your lane, don't let the cars pressure you, bugger them, you have a right to be there. Leave LOADS of space between you and the car in front. Exaggerate that space if need be, specially for this ride. That way you'll have plenty of time to react.
    Good luck, it's soooo much fun.
  18. yeah i really feel for you guys and girls up for that one, sort of would stuff up the learning process seeing as you can't just get up and go for a ride
  19. While that is true, you can do a 1 day course on your L's with next to no experience and get your P's. Qride teaches you controlled techniques and open road techniques.
  20. Mate please make sure you get full cover on ur insurance ... i bought a New 07 VTR and 2 months later i crashed... im so happy i did get full cover :)