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Riding hacks & poor maintenance.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Marx, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Went for a run through the Spurs (outer Melb Vic) with a few guys on Sunday (20/02/05). As we stopped over at Kinglake a couple of bikes rode by, one in particular was a Honda VT250. As they rode by at about 40/60kms/hr through town the VT threw it’s drive chain & she came to a stop in front of us. Her partner on a Harley hooked a U-ey & came back.

    He fiddled with the chain, hooked it back on the sprockets, & they saddled up and rode off. All this happened right in front of us as we watched. No biggie maybe, but the job was done without tools & no adjustment of anything what-so-ever which we all thought was pretty freaky.

    We’ve all had different introductions into owning & servicing our bikes. Some start off with a brand new mount & take it to the dealership for servicing, entrusting them to highlight & fix problems as they come up, a good fuss-free approach which helps to retain that ‘new bike’ feel we want to maintain.

    Others like myself, started off with the old 2nd hand hack out of the Trading Post, turning up to the sellers place & trying to find fault under layers of oil & crud, or fresh paint & polish. Mostly it’s a hit & miss affair when you’re out on your own & usually you go with a gut feeling.
    Problem is with this is that when it turns out to be a poorly maintained, badly set-up bike it might take months for you (as a newbie) to identify & work through. For some they accept what their bike is when purchased & ride about oblivious. I try to acknowledge this perspective when I see some riders on bikes I would not consider worth lapping the block on.

    I suppose it’s hard sometimes to get your mate off his arse to throw some more good money after bad on maintenance, but I kinda feel a little responsible if I don’t get the opportunity to suss where the rider is at with his/her bike & pass on an opinion or two.
  2. Pity you didn't take some pics.