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Riding Gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fixed, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. For what?

    In winter when it's raining - synthetic.
    When you're on your way to work in an office - synthetic.
    When you're hooning around the hills - leather.
    When you're trying to pick up - Nice leathers or a leather jacket and denim jeans.

    Your question is too broad.
  2. Why you ask, Grasshopper?
    You got 5 years to wait 'til it matters to you, anyway, :p
  3. Landing on the road - why else does anyone wear any protective gear?

    as far as i can tell from recent research there is only one answer - if you hit the road you want to have leather (approriate armour) on.
  4. A carbon fibre exoskeleton would be best, but synthetics will probably cover you for commuting.
  5. Try saying that when it's 8 degrees outside and pissing down with rain, whilst you're riding to work on a freeway. Again you might reconsider when you're trying to peel yourself out of leather pants in the toilets at work every day.

    Leather isn't always your best option, Kevlar and Cordura combined with CE approved armour offers similar protection for commuting, plus can provide more environmental protection and is easier to live with. Which is why I asked "For what?" in the first place.
  6. Agreed!

    I chose textile gear for that very reason.
    I commute every day in rain or shine. and textile gear is VERY easy to have your work clothes sit under comfortably.
    I just get changed at my desk :)
  7. To me as a newbie, leathers were dangerous ,i was to hot.. freaken hot and couldn't see threw the steam in my helmet ,and be 100% on the ball for rideing.

    Got a synthetic ,and im comfy and on the game .
    But your skins feels safer in leather.
    Either way ,your in a win loose ,argument.
  8. I wanted to ride to work but dont cos the of the getting in and out of leather isssue, i wear a shirt and tie in the office. Maybe in the future when i am more confident?

    Everyone i asked in person the same question as the OP they ALL said "do you see Rossi etc wearing textile? No because leather is far better"

    What is best for crashing in, leather or textile? Isnt that only thing that counts?
  9. Or maybe you should just buy some textile gear to wear when commuting? ;)

    I would agree if I rode like Rossi to work and back :LOL:
    Liked Fixed said. for a blat in the mountains you can't beat leather.

    Na. Not crashing also counts.
    If you are more likely to crash because you are too hot/cold/wet then you are better off wearing something that will keep you warm/cool/dry.
  10. I am not sure i understand. Are you saying that becaause i was only commuting that my crash at 80kmh on th road will not hurt me as much cos i wasnt trying to ride like Rossi, i was only commuting?

    As you say, once i get a bit more confident, experienced on the rroad i may get textiles and ride to work...
  11. If you hands are so water logged and cold that you can hardly move them, aren't you more at risk of crashing than if you had waterproof, warm gloves? What if you are that hot that you aren't able to concentrate properly?

    If you body isn't running at optimum then you aren't going to ride at your peak and if it drops well below optimum then you are increasing your risk of crashing.

    Also it is possible to get synthetic fabrics that are better than leather, it all depends on how thick you make it and therefore how rigid it becomes.
  12. fair enough :)

    I am no expert (at all), just repeating what i have heeard and what makes sense to me :)
  13. Hey slightly off topic but why is your username NINJA_CBR and you ride a suzuki :\
    Like to sleep around ;)

    Anyway as people have said, if you plan to only buy one general purpose set of gear you will want textiles for the waterproof/better breathing/cooler propertys. Leathers can get very warm and humid.
  14. Re: Gear

    What kevlar body armour system are you talking about (kevlar is not usually waterproof)?

    Sounds like you have WAY over simplified things here in regards to Leather vs Synthetic.

    Also sounds like you are starting out so perhaps have a read of this thread
  15. What you're wearing protects you from the road and losing skin. If you have an accident commuting there's a good chance you're going to hit a car, or a lightpost, or gutter, or whatever. And in that situation what you're wearing is only going to be a factor if you happen to be wearing like, a car. With airbags.