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Riding Gear Where the Hell Do I Start...?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rickybobbi, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Hi Net riders!
    I have completed my R/E License test and have a road/trail bike, now I know i need to where all the gear all the time but all i have is a dry rider jacket, fox moto X gloves and a moto X helmet (open faced with goggles..Meets Standards) But
    Feel very much overwhelmed due to the amount of different gear i could could get.

    I know this mite be a common question you guys may have had sorry to make you repeat but Where do I Start?..

    I dont have any mates that ride so im reluctant to just walk in to a gear store with not having any idea WTF im doing lol.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Im based in Perth W.A so any stores South the River would be choice.

    Thanks in advance NT Peeps
  2. No idea re WA,but look for the biggest shop around with a good selection.
    If you end up buying a lot ask for a discount,you can be surprised what might happen
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  3. I ya dont ask Ya cant win Right?
  4. Hi mate, have a view through some posts of late re gear, plenty of opinions and advice here.

    Essentially - decent helmet (try on to make sure it fits your head), jacket, pants, boots and gloves are needed. Some of the stuff you have may be fine, but sounds like you're missing pants. And if your helmet has hit the ground a few times while you've been dirt biking, I'd suggest a new one for road use at least.

    But go check out big bike shops, talk to sales people, look online. Don't be afraid just to gather some info and make a considered choice rather than buying the first thing a sales guy points you towards.
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  5. If you don't mind second hand, keep an eye on Gumtree. I bought helmet, boots & gloves new, but most of the rest has been picked up used. As a result I now have three sets of pants & jackets to suit various conditions, all for the price of about one set brand spanking new.
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  6. try on as much as you can, look at superceded stock & for large discount stores like AMX
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  7. Not too familiar with SOR but the Causeway conglomerate has a lot of stuff between them.
    Total Motorcycle in Vic. Park is also quite good.
    Going north, Cully's in Balcatta has a huge range of gear. I've known these people for 40 years and have great experience in motorcycling.
    Further north, Wicked Gear at Whitfords shopping centre specialize in budget motorcycle clothing. I haven't bought any of their stuff but I know plenty of people that have and seem happy with it.
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  8. Boots are critical and easy; look for armour/reinforcing in the ankles/shins/toe and a stiff sole. I've had two different pairs of 'touring' style boots, one pair was only cheap and both have successfully protected my feet in mishaps.
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  9. Right on the Button! Thank you so very much appreciated, I agree with you 100% the only piece of gear that is brand new is my helmet apart from that my research begins today..well tonight lol.

    I have noticed a lot of guys saying shop online but I would much rather go yocal. ( keep work for the local guys)

    Cheers to you sir chillibutton :)
  10. Spanks ya very much jeffco!

    Have checked out AMX but they don't seem to have a store over here (or I cant find it) but gold advice I will be checking out all stores for the not so fashionable textile jackets as I wont be doing much riding in the wet for now.

    I are you a fan of leather or the lighter variety?

  11. Hey Algroover, thanks and nice to see a W.A person on here (Im sure there are tons LawLs) where do I start.. Well firstly thank you for giving me a list of stores to hit up. Secondly...Cullys sounds like a nice sunday cruise along the coast on the way back :)

    Where abouts do you take your ride for a service? im still a newb but think my bikes clutch and gearing has been setup for the dirt trails (not that I don't love dirt) So I would love to hand Hex over to a bike Mechanic to give her nice going over.

    Your comments are very much appreciated.

    PS Sorry in advance if I am not staying with the same topic, I hope this isint breaking any rulz. :0 /
  12. Some great advise mate, like im hearing this quote a lot now ; Dress for the slide not the Ride!

    I am very excited to grab me some touring style boots, buddy since I just got my R/E I have been paying some much more attention on these streets now aye.. I saw this guy tailgating a soccer mum SUV on brand spankas duke 390 wearing stubbies, bintang singlet and some adidas thongs.. I couldn't belive my eyes. Well rant over LOL :) thanks for giving me the pearls of foresight.

  13. I actually have three jackets, one leather for the colder days/nights
    a textile for the warmer and a Draggin jeans
    Linen/Kevlar with back protector from for those WTF hot days
  14. To get started

    A helmet that fits your head properly.

    Given it's summer
    - a pair of 'vented' gloves with knuckle protection
    - boots that cover your ankle - if laced make sure laces are secured not loose.
    - sturdy jeans or kevlar lined jeans
    - Light vented jacket with armour

    In winter add

    waterproof boots
    Winter/waterproof gloves
    Winter jacket - thermal liner

    When I started out the only things I bought new were the helmet and gloves - everything else I bought second hand.
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  15. Hey Ricki,I couldn't see what bike you have (apart from road/trail) but you're clutch is probably fine. You may have to change the gearing a bit if it's set up for dirt riding.
    IE..larger front sprocket or smaller rear. It might also pay to get another helmet as I find road riding with a MX helmet a pain in the ar$e. The visors love to catch the wind and try to rip your head off.
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  16. Take your time. Buy right - buy once.
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  17. As usual great advise. Thank you for the pearls of wisdom fellows i have just been sticking with trail riding on sundays until i have the cash to buy the right gear for the road. lol yeah milktoast not to mention having a bee get stuck buzzing around my head.