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Riding Gear...to wear or not to wear??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Basically the scenario goes like this...i've been injured lately and have also stopped going to the gym and dieting. I was heavily into bodybuilding and gained some good size. Yet not dieting and training has seen my gains drop about 7kg.

    I have a brand new set of leathers that i purchased while i was that 7kg heavier...so now my leathers are too big.

    My question is should i still use the leathers as they are?, or perhaps buy an alternative like some draggin jeans, and just add some extra clothes under the jacket to fill it out.

  2. Not sure on the clothing front!!

    However on the bike front. MY GOD a body builder on an aprilia RS 125. That must look like a clown on those funny little bikes.
  3. Extra clothes is a good idea. You may be able to get a skilled tailor (key word being skilled) to take in your leathers a bit - although it's hard work, and expect to pay a fair sum to do so.

    Draggins are a reasonable option, but remember they don't offer any impact protection (even with the CE armour it's still a bit limited) and they don't offer the same level of protection as leather pants.

    I guess the final option is to flog off your near-new leathers, and grab some that are better fitting. You might lose a little in the process, but leathers that fit are more comfy and safer. :)
  4. My current size is only temporary until i get back into bodybuilding. It will only take me about 2 months to gain back those 7kg i lost. So im not looking at selling any of my gear...just finding an alternative or a solution to my current problem.

    The RS125 is as big as a 250, so it wouldn't look any funnier...but then again dont all bike riders look like bodybuilders with those leathers on. That's why all the ladies flock to you because of that hulk appearance..lol
  5. The leathers are going to be too expensive to change, but your weight and body mass almost certainly will, unless you get injured again, or retire from the sport. Light top and pants under the leathers (it's winter now) should get you through till you're back up to optimum again, I would have thought.
  6. Hi mate,
    bit off topic, but what is your current weight? Im a bodybuilder myself and was just curious of your stats(height, weight, b/f)?
  7. Your lucky since it's still winter so i would go with the others and just wear extra underneath untill you are back at your desired weight .
  8. Depends on where they are too big. The most common abrasion points are the arse, back, hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. If you can get a smooth fit in these areas (ie slide along the road without too much folding of leather), you should be OK. I'd wager that loose fitting leathers would still be more effective than draggins/cordura.
  9. Don't mean to offend but probably will but god damn that sounded like a pick up line!
  10. Im not sure of my current stats as i've been out of training and dieting for over 3 months.

    I started training at 60kg with about 8%bf...peaked at 74kg with about 10%bf in about 6 months. During that time i injured my shoulder, dropped back down to 70kg...regained it and then rotated my hip. Now i'm out of training and have lost a fair bit of mass. But thanks to muscle memory i can probably put it back pretty quick.
  11. Jeebus.

    I'm not a bodybuilder, and I weigh more than you. Might be because I'm a fat bastard though, more than anything? :p

    Either that, or it's because of my height. 6ft2in, 84Kgs.

    I swear, I run once or twice a week... LOL
  12. Your like me galdavin , heavy boned :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Might be worth to see either of those (or both), since they can quite possibly taken-in to suit you-less-7.
    Walkalong Leathers in Camberwell.
    515 Camberwell Rd
    (03) 9889 2800

    ...o... Mick on 9700 7405 - He does Mars repairs and is also a tailor by
    trade. Works from home in Endeavour Hills.
  14. In bodybuilding your weight doesn't determine whether you are big or not. When you have muscle mass without flexing...and your body is in proportion, you are pretty big regardless of weight.