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Riding Gear - Shopping

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gato, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. on saturday i dropped into Peter Stevens at Elizabeth St to check the prices on riding gear. basically this is what i am going to get:

    - 2-piece leather.
    - back protector.
    - glove.
    - boots (preferrably waterproof).
    - helmet.

    i tried out a couple of leather for the first time. had to struggle into it and then struggle out :shock: but what shocked me the most was the price. i tried out Dainese Monza. the price was about $1890 :shock:

    is this a good suit to start with? is the monza an overkill for a beginner? (that will kill my budget :cry:)
    what's a good gear to start with?

    by the way, i'll be going to the shopping night on wednesday.

    as always, i appreciate all advice, experience and words of wisdom from everyone.


  2. i dont know if this is really what you're after, but i know a bloke thats selling some cheap 2 piece leathers that he's been importing. they're not dainese, but that also means they dont have the same price tag :LOL: when i got mine he was selling them for $550, should still be the same price.

    they have armour on elbows, shoulders, back and knees and also have sliders. they also have stretch/vent panels on the inside of the arm, around the crotch and calf. he's got gloves that he did for $55 that are pretty damn good quality aswell.

    definately get leather, and if you can afford it, get the good stuff. i'd be more inclined to spend up on the helmet tho, thats the most important bit. the difference between a $200 helmet and a $400 helmet is much bigger than you think.

    if you're keen to have a look at these leathers i'm talking about, shoot an e-mail to CRAIGHUTCHISON@IPRIMUS.COM.AU and he should let you go and have a look at them in person. otherwise, if narrewarren is a bit far for you, i'm sure he'd have some pics (but i reckon you'd really want to try them on first)
  3. I can highly recommend Tiger Angel in West Melbourne... www.tigerangel.com.au. I had a two piece suit tailor-made two years ago. Cost me about $1500 and they do repairs, etc. right here in Melbourne!

    They are very helpful as well!

    :D :D :D
  4. I may not be overly experienced with what gear to buy, but like you - I just bought stuff recently and I got a fright over the price of some stuff. Whilst not willing to compromise on safety/quality of gear, I found by shopping around you can get some good stuff at fair prices. The longer you have to shop, the better the deal you'll get.
  5. I would be inclined to head for Torrini (Black Rose leathers) first in POrt Melbourne before buying the Dainese stuff. Might also want to look in Mars leathers on elizabeth st, am sure you'll find gear cheaper than what Peter Stevens offers it for.

    Mars also offer free gloves to MRA members for any spend over $300 and even shit leather will cost more than that.

    Note that I can't speak for the quality of the fre gloves but certinaly no harm in trying before buying I suggest.
  6. I went to Craig Hutchinson. He has a few jackets, suits, pants and gloves. They are reasonably priced, I picked up my jacket and gloves for $270.

    Coconuts - you should be getting commission of this ;) or at least some free gear!
  7. nar, he gave me a sweet price for my stuff, and he was real helpful so i've got no probs in passing a bit of business his way. i'm happy as a pig in shit with my gear, i really couldn't ask for any more for the money i paid. hopefully i'll never have to test it out properly, but if i do, i'll be alot happier in the leather than in the cordura stuff (which cost me more, go figure)
  8. WAIT A SEC!!!
    you cant buy anything without checking out
    I was looking for a new jacket, and i really liked the joe Rocket range of gear.

    just as a price example,,
    I wanted to get a joe rocket atomic 2 jacket.
    this jacket was going to cost me around $450-500i to get in Melbourne.
    i got the jacket delivered! from the statees for under $300.00 including customs, and delivery costs to my door. (only bad was it took a few weeks)

    Look, I'm all for supporting local dealers, but when they get goods for a set price, then mark it up by over 60%, thats not on.
    if you can save a dollar, and get the quality you want, theres no harm checking it out.

  9. Although it's pretty well guaranteed leathers will give best abrasion protection i'd say practicality has gotta be a consideration too. For just day to day riding i'd sooner wear my draggin jeans. Never been on the track but when I do get to that stage then I'll bother with leather pants.
    I love my jacket tho, it's an RST with leather arms, fabric torso with some very sturdy armour in the sleeves and shoulder areas.

    Btw, if you're shopping at peter stevens be sure to check all the neighbouring stores before you buy to make sure you're getting the best price. It's pretty much the motorcycle district over there.
  10. thanks for the links and info!

    i'll be going to the shopping night later to compare prices. hope to see you all there!