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Riding gear for women

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Tigress, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I went to a few city stores(melbourne) yesterday and found it hard to find a good selection of gear for women. I found it hard to find a jacket that fit. Too big around the arms and very tight to zip up.

    Which stores in Melbourne have a big range of women's gear. I hate shopping for clothes so hopefully I will find one store and everything fits well and buy there :)
  2. I found the same thing. To fit in the arms, the chest had to be snug. If its leather, remember it will give a little. I found the Dianese jackets were the only ones that fitted comfortably.

    Where have you already been?
  3. I went to Peter Stevens and I found one Dianese jacket but it was all black and I would prefer some colour on it. Also went to Yamaha next door they had one too, forgot the brand, but that one was ok.

    Have to go to AMX and Goddie suggested some other places too.

    The jacket was more than snug around the chest, was squashing me like a pancake(not a good look) But I'm sure other places will have more of a selection.
  4. Have you tried the AMX stores? We've bought a lot of gear there and the service has been great and the prices really good. We were there the other day and I picked up some Draggins for around $160. They had some other brands as well but they were all too low in the hips for me - don't want any 'bits' hanging out for reasons too numerous to mention. I agree with Aly in that the Dianese are a really nice fit and I'm looking at getting one of their jackets as I'm looking for something for summer weather.

    Aly - do you wear the Dianese in summer? Have you got any recommendations for summer jackets for women. I've got a Dririder but it's so hot (once it gets over 30 I start to feel like I'm in an oven bag) and the only way to get air into it is to leave part of the front open, which turns me into a windsock. Any advice would be appreciated and might help Tash in her search for gear. Thanks.

    Edit: posted too late - you've got the advice on AMX......
  5. I got told there is a Draggins factory outlet in Richmond.

    Going to AMX in the next few weeks. Any other suggestions would be great :) thanks Aly and Meags
  6. I found the AMX ones really heavy
  7. I only have the one jacket so yeah I wear it. As long as I'm moving at a speed I uh like...I'm fine in it. Sweat like hell though and stopping at lights isn't much fun. Yesterday riding back into Notting Hill it started heating up and I unzipped it a bit but because its leather and tight it doesn't do the windsock thing. I think they make jackets with more perforation which would be good in summer. The Dianese ones were seriously the only ones that felt light enough for me and fit properly, mainly because it can be zipped up tighter near the waist.
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  8. If you were in the City you may of passed Mars leather which do there own.
    I found http://bikersgearaustralia.com/ place great value, good quality and the sizing very good compared to the eruope sized gear. Ferntree gully store seems good as they will do alterations for you if needed.

    IF your going to AMX http://www.amxoutlets.com/ the Lynbrook store has the biggest range compared to the other.
  9. Also http://bikemart.net.au/ have some differnt brands to choose from. and give a nice discount to learner riders who are starting up
  10. Thanks Aly, I really like that jacket. I did my windsock routine again this morning so I'm going to have to think seriously about a summer jacket - or harden up.........
  11. Heather got most of her gear from AMX in Dorset road.

    I got my LJ from Bikers gear on Phillip Island, but there is another one in Ferntree Gully.

    I tried 7 medium jackets on before I got one that fitted, So they do have a range of sizes.

    My gloves are top quality ski gloves,
  12. did you ask Nightowl where she got her gear from?
  13. ...never before has a thread been this worthless without pics
  14. what could that mean ? :-k
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  15. Will do goddie, mt1 let's just say chest space has not been considered when these jackets were made, then again some women might not have an issue.
  16. you should message Reesa.
    she has a really nice summer jacket. i think it is Dainese, but a mesh one.
    she also has breasts to die for.
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  17. Lol

  18. Try Tiger Angel.


    They are in North Melbourne. They will make to order and you can choose your colours.
    Good luck.

    Shauna :)
  19. I can't believe this thread has gone 20 posts without someone asking why a bikini is not suitable. Although my missus wears a motodry jacket. A little tight across the bust but she is tall (5' 10") so found the 'male' jackets came down low enough to not freeze her kidneys.