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Riding gear for the larger gent

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kaos, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. I have decided I like my skin so I'm planning on upgrading my gear.
    I went and tried on some open face helmets today, tried about four different brands in their largest sizes, most XXXL, and none of them fit, my skull is too big. Also tried on some GP Pro gloves in the XXXL size, still too small for my paws. Where can one get some decent large gear? Im getting pants from Takamii when he sends me the size chart so they shouldnt be an issue, but helmet and gloves...

  2. Takamii does helmets too, and gloves, did you ask him?
  3. I dont think my helmets will fit him

    gloves only go to 2xl in my current style - however I will soon be showing designs of a second style glove i plan to produce which will be more high tech and be made of kangaroo skin with stingray skin as well - these ones will be small through to 3 xl but they are a few months off

    try these astar gp tech - I know they are pricey but they will last and they have all the right features

    plus they are available in 3XL size

  4. you're a good man Takamii
  5. its all about helping one another

    if I am unable to supply i still consider it good customer service to assist the person even if it means a sale going to someone else -- its not the $$$ that matter its the people and how you treat them

    PS - we need to fix your jeans still Goodie
  6. whats wrong with my jeans? you saying I need bigger balls? lol
    I dont mind them being a tad loose, they are comfy as!! Dunno what you make them from but dryer doesn shrink the buggers lol so you can buy right size and not worry!!
  7. Thanks for that but I tried the GP Tech 3XL's and they were too small.
  8. wow you are a BIG man -- I hope I never cross you in a darl aleey and you are in a bad mood :)

    I can look into a custom made pair for you if you wish

    They may not be as fancy looking as some but will do the trick

    let me make some inquires to my factories to see what i can dig up for you

    PS - you must be able to tear telephone books in half with your bare hands
  9. Im not obese or anything lol, just overweight and literally big boned (and no sadly its not true that your tackle is as long as your foot).
    Anyway yeh if I cant find a decent brand of glove that fits my hand, I might have to go custom dammit.

    On a side note, while I have not tried tearing a phonebook in half, I have seen a rather good looking and well built sheila do it. It turned me on, is that wrong? Hmm will have to ask if they teach that next time I'm at kickboxing.
  10. i would nearly think that alpinestars or similar will do bigger sizes for a bit extra cash. i think its the case with them as a mate of mine had had to get size 16 motocross boots made up, and i dont think that is a usual size.

    but helmets is a bit harder. hmmm. some brands sizing will be different than others if both are an xxl or so. theres an awesome helmet sizing chart somehwere online but i cant find it atm
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  12. Might have to pop into Bikemart's sale next Wednesday night
  13. let me guess
    this is your bike? :eek:hno:

  14. I had a try of some more gloves, found a pair of Dryrider 4XL's that fit ok. They are still hard to get over my hand but fit quite well once they are on.
    I think all the helmet manufacturers think that everyone has a bowling ball shape head too, its a conspiracy.