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Riding gear for larger ladies

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ska_let, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. I'm having a whine. I'm not a slim little girl. I generally wear a size 18.

    Why is it that all the kevlar jean sizes for girls stop at 16? Or the sizes are so small that I'd need to buy a size 24 to fit me.

    I bought a pair of "ladies" kevlar lined cargo pants from Bikers Gear over the weekend - mail order, when they arrived they were men's. I wrote a complaint email only to be told - Oh yes the larger sizes are unisex.

    Um, in case you hadn't noticed - girls are a different shape to boys! and funnily enough that doesn't change when you get bigger.

    Do any of the other larger lady riders out there have suggestions as to where to find good quality - not too expensive riding gear for us?
  2. Have you looked at draggins?

    They do made to order.
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    Hey!!!! I'm expert shopper for gear..
    I know what you mean about sizing, I'll range from a 12 to 16 in ladies motorbike gear depending on style and brand.. eg a skinny leg style of Sartsos in 12 fit; the Draggin minx style fit in a 14 and the cargo's in Sartso are a 16!

    You can get these..

    I was gonna suggest Ned's gear but looks like they are closing down.

    also check out http://www.resolutejeans.com/

    Good Luck :)
  4. Not any more....
  5. Just went and had a look at my Bikers Gear leather pants..they don't have a size on them, but I suspect they're a 20-22 ish. I lost a stack of weight..my previous leathers were custom made by Tiger Angel, but big $$$$. They would have been at least a 26.

    I know the BG leathers were the largest ladies they had, but they fit well and are definitely a ladies' shape pant.

    They were cheaper than my Draggins, which I bought when I was still really large and were a men's style (ick). Had to buy men's bc they wouldn't make to order.
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  7. Not a bad idea adjustpete. I could do that myself. I also have a set of kevlar knitted leggings that I can wear under any pants I like, but their extra large was only just too big for my 12 year old son. I have a lot of weight to lose before I fit into them.
  8. The Held catalogue lists ladies textile pants up to 5XL.
    The Germans tend to be more realistic and comprehensive about such things.