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Riding gear for a newbie

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by golgy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi All!

    Just wanted to share my ideas of what kind of gear I'm planning to get, learn and fine tune my thought processes and get some feedback to make sure I've got the right idea.

    So - I'm due to go for my learners at the end of the month and I've got the cash for both a 2nd hand 250cc bike and a bit of gear. Now, I've been told "leathers, leathers, leathers!" when it comes to protective gear on the bike. I've also been told that textile stuff is a lot more comfortable. I'm currently of the mind that I want to be safe - but in the odd case that I don't enjoy myself too much ( hah! ) I don't want to throw away too much money at gear I'll never use again. However, my thought process ( after various chats with current rider friends.. ) is as follows:

    Buy a comfortable leather set. This would serve me for the colder months, and for those longer rides where I really want to make sure I'm covered. Window shopping on the 'net has found me a set - The RJays RS suit ( http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/leathers-RS-suit.html ). Now, given that I'm intending on a short commute to work a couple of times a week, I'd probably want something a little easier to wear, and less to worry about - so I'd probably grab the jacket from a leather suit and get some Draggin jeans ( http://www.flexegate.com.au/cgi-bin/djstore/m_silverbk.html?id=BCRCAqC8&mv_pc=104 ) just for the 20 or so minutes to and from work.

    As far as boots are concerned, I've had a look and the Joe Rocket Super Street boots (
    http://www.morepowerracing.com.au/u...uper-Street-Boot/c-1-21948-21949-31046-31205/ ) look like they'd fit.

    I've not had any major thoughts as far as gloves go, and I've tried on one of the Shoei X-Eleven helmets that one of my friend's have, which fit like a glove ( I know it's a pretty top range helmet, but hopefully I can go to the cheaper ranges and have the same sort of fit.. ).

    Now, I know there's no substitute for just going to try stuff on - with my thin/lanky and tall frame it's even more so the case, but I'm trying to get a good idea of what I'll want, how much it will cost. What I'm wondering is if my thought process is sound, and guidance on what brands I should steer clear of and what have a generally good name ( opening a can of worms here! )

    Sorry for the long post, hopefully not question overload!
  2. all sounds good :)

    leather jacket is definitely the way to go, regardless of what kind of pants you get. try and get one with a removable liner for summer. you wont have a problem wearing draggins all day at work, many of us do it (myself inc.). once winter rolls around again you can decide whether to grab waterproof overpants or a pair of waterproof textile pants. i did the former, but next season i will definitely spend up on the latter, pulling on overpants all the time when it *looks like* it will rain starts to get a bit old after a while :roll:

    spend up big on boots, if you can. as far as helmets go, conventional wisdom seems to be choose by fit first and foremost, then by brand, price, colour. try on plenty of gloves, if you're going with leather get the tightest fit possible because they will stretch. and don't bother trying to get a single pair that will suit both winter and summer riding - get a lightweight pair for now (the start of spring yay!) and when winter rolls around again bite the bullet and get a really heavy pair.

    check out the A* octane supermoto gloves if you're chasing a lightweight pair. I got mine from www.newenough.com, reckon they're awesome. and while i mention it, try and get gear online from the US when you can (but not helmets), you'll save a bundle.

    hope that helps :grin:
  3. Imo for newbies, if you are planning on commuting + weekend riding and can only afford to buy either leather or textile, i would buy textile, as they are more flexiable in there use. Granted leathers offer better protection but really most learners aren't that quick anyway. Once you save up a bit more then upgrade to leathers.....

    Thats the way i would go about it if i was you

    cheers stewy :)
  4. Ahh.. Yep. Plenty of time to worry about the colder months - trying to do the impossible and cover a broad use base ( both the commute and the fun rides! ) whilst not wanting to throw away money.

    Ahh - Yep. Found the pair you mentioned online. I'll have to remember to try and find a pair to try on.

    Sure did! :)
  5. +1 Stewy.......... :wink:
    With limited funds I'd say go for textiles, as has been stated a good jacket and pants set has some armour in them and also a warm inner but removeable lining which is a boon in winter.
    In general, although leathers are great, they will probably be too cold for you in winter and they are not waterproof so...........extra money on thermals and wet weather gear comes into the equation :roll:
    Suggest if the X11 Shoei felt great (as it did me) a HJC helmet may be a good second choice for helmets....(I still bought the x11) :wink:

    Spend good money on gloves and boots, if you go down the road your hands automatically go out to try to save you.......ensure they're coated in leather :cool: and good boots will save your ankles/shins/toes.
    Ever tried walking on stumps or wiping your butt with no fingers :roll: