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Riding Gear Brisbane

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by martz, May 14, 2013.

  1. Hi guys and gals, going through and doing my bike licence at the moment, few more sessions and I'll be flying solo! :dance: So anywho, to prepare for this event of biblical proportions, I want to start shopping for a helmet, jacket etc.

    Can anyone please recommend places in Brisbane that sell good quality gear. Actually on second thought, I'm looking for highest quality gear as safety is my #1 priority!! (oh and $$$ is not really an issue.)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Martz,
    First welcome to Netrider. I am not in Brisbane so cannot help with shops but so that others can help you with that and others of us help you with online options both in Austrlia and OS can you help us out with a bit more info.

    What sort of bike are you getting, naked, touring, sports etc ?
    What sort of riding; commuting, weekends only, combination, something else?
    Budget for total gear or by item?

    What sort of bike and how you intend to use it will make a vast difference to what might be considered the appropriate gear. As an example you might not need a one piece race suit if you are going to be riding a VTR250 to and from work, if however you are buying and Aprilia RSV4 125 and intend to carve up the twisties every weekend then it would be.
    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Hi Jeremy, I will be riding sports bikes and probably start off with a CBR250 for a year before I get my R license.

    Gear wise, I'm thinking of only getting gloves, jacket and helmet. I want lots of ventilation so I sweat as less as possible. I would ditch the gloves but I understand hands can get freezing cold.

    I have a work car but from time to time I will ride to and from work. If I love it, I will just bike it all the time:) I will probably ride as much as possible all other times whilst juggling the wife and kids!

    $$$ wise, I noticed that top quality helmets are $1k+ which I'm happy to pay, not sure about jackets and gloves though but if my helmet spending is anything to go by then I will go all out on those too.

    I hope that's what you guys are looking for and looking forward to your feedback!

  4. Head down to Moss St Springwood .. there are several bike shops / accessory outlets to easily use up a day browsing.
    Lawrence Dr Nerang also has a few shops.
    Leather jacket / pants are the go for this time of year ... armoured mesh gear for summer. Spend whatever you like on a helmet but there's no need to be silly... the more expensive ones do generally have nicer linings that stand up to frequent sweaty use better.
  5. You need boots. They should rate high on your list.

    Remember that "quality" does not necessarily equate to safety. All helmets sold need to comply with the standard.
    Try a few on for an extended period and see how they feel. Fit is extremely important.
    This is a good reference with regards to fit and includes crash ratings for helmets tested: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/downloads/safer_motorcycle_helmets.pdf
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  6. AMA motorcycle warehouse at Caboolture and Yatla have a good range at quite reasonable prices you can shop online as well.
  7. I'm learning at the moment as well, and I got my gear from teammoto honda at Nerang and AMA warehouse at Yatala. I went to a lot of places to investigate, and those two had pretty helpful service. also, not a huge overlap in brands, so it was possible to try a bigger range of stuff.
    Teammoto at Springwood were good as well. I would have gone there but I was in Nerang when it was time to buy (i.e. right after my first lesson).

    I tried heaps of different stuff - originally went with a pair of kevlar jeans, but the legs needed to be shortened and the cargos I ended up buying are heaps more comfortable. likewise, it took me two tries to get gloves that fit properly, offered enough protection and felt right. all good though, just means I have spare pair.
  8. Been riding 6 weeks or so and I got my gear @ Motorcycle Accessories Mega Mart on Moss St, Springwood. Second to none service from a girl called Jade. She knew her shit and spent over an hour with me selecting each piece. Good to see you are going to buy quality gear, because when you are on a bike, your gear is your life .. call it a seat belt and air bag if you will.

    For your helmet make sure you try on ALL the brands. Shoei, Arai, Shark, HJC, AGV etc etc.. because as others have mentioned they fit different heads/feel different. I found out my head wont fit a Shoei but fits a Shark perfectly. Also ensure that you get the correct size cheek pads to go with it. The Shark Speed-R helmet I bought for $390 (reduced from $5500.. BARGAIN!) had 20mm pads, where as I needed 30mm.

    A good jacket will set you back around $200 +, good boots $200 +, pants/kevlar jeans $200+, and gloves from $80 upward. Also .. gloves aren't just there to keep you warm mate. If you come off your body's natural instinct is to put your hands out to break your fall and protect your head/chest. They are for protection .. its just nice that they keep you warm too.

    Spend $1000-$1500 on gear and you will ride with confidence... you just feel so much safer on the road and you ride better knowing that if the dreaded moment of coming off ever visits you, you are in good hands.
  9. Armoured mesh jacket no good for Brisbane? When at training, I was riding in the cold whilst rain was belting down I found them warm enough??

    What do boots do that normal shoes wouldn't? I thought that if your gonna snap an ankle, it'll do it no matter what your wearing.

    This might sound crazy but I wouldn't stick my hands out to break my fall, I would try and hit the ground doing a body roll.. ahh who the fcuk knows but surely not everyone sticks their hands out when they fall for the sake of preventing snapped wrists etc?
  10. Me thinks a Troll Alert is justified for this one. It can't be serious.
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