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riding gear boost confidence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. starting from only helmet + glove + t shirt, I tried helmet +glove + buttoned jacket, then helmet + glove + zipped jacket, and now helmet + glove + riding jacket... and my confidence just keep on building up.

    now i feel that my gpx is too slow :LOL:

    i'm just afraid that the gear hide the true danger :roll:

  2. Yeah, gear does boost your confidence because there is apart of not needing to be as careful because you have some kinda of protect, that is if you worry about falling off and getting hurt, if you don't it doesn't matter what you wear but like most riders here feel naked without gear so if they were to ride without it im pretty sure they'd go alot slower.

    Sorry if im not clear but you get the general drift having gear does make you more confident.
  3. im just afraid it gives a false sense of security and wondering if it is true :)
  4. I know what you mean!

    I try and think of all my gear as being something to keep myself warm on the bike, and not so much for protection.

  5. Don't get too confident till you cover the lower half. Come off at speed in jeans and you'll tear your arse off. :wink:

    If that makes you feel any better. :LOL:

    It's true though, I always feel more confident wearing good gear, as I should do because without it you smear on the road like a crayon. :) The gear doesn't garentee an injury free fall but mostly it does a bloody good job. :)
  6. +1 Stewy.
    I definitely feel more confident on the twisties in my full leathers than my summer gear. I think that whether it's dangerous or not depends on how close your confidence matches your skill. Certainly at the start I needed a little help in the confidence department just to get me trusting the techniques I'd been taught. I knew in my head they could work, but I was too scared to give it a go, sometimes being more dangerous with my fears. On the other hand, if you're already flying around and skipping out with the rear, then you pop on some leathers - it might be too much. Depends on if you need a boost or not; and how much it affects you.

    I'm always an advocate for good protection regardless; but yeah it can also have a psychological affect that might outweigh the safety of the extra protection.
  7. it may or maynot good riding gear in itself can be a life saver if not at least a skin saver, while its doesnt stop a cager taking you out, or coming around a blind bend if you have a off (god forbid it should everhappen to any one) and cage actually runs over you.

    but it will save you the aggony of severe gravel rash if you do have n off, so the gear giving you a confidence boost isnt all bad, its givies you a feeling that you are safer wearing it, which will allow you to push a little harder in situtations, but you still have to realise your limitations and ride accordingly
  8. Yeah.....I think it does....or at least it makes you feel alot safer at the same given speed.

    I just got some leather pants from my girlfriend for my birthday (that's in a few months) wehoo!, and much better boots, and a new Helmet (because I'm worth it) :grin:...and...and...
    Anyway...given that I am one known to drop a leg out on the spur with just my draggins on, and having gotten used to the sense of impending doom should I go just a little too far, the wearing of leathers has me feeling rather...errr...well safe, I guess....And I am tempted somewhat to try a little harder with that...
    But I won't,....simply because I am aware of it, and the danger that comes with the sense of invincibilty.

    Instead!.... I shall enjoy my new powers for less inspiring activities, like saving the world. da, da, dahhhhhh!
    :blah: :shock:
  9. [​IMG]
    So much for THAT! Mr Responsible, my ar$e! We went out yesterday to the Spur and let's just say that the leathers won. Never had his knee touch road (or anywhere close), never seriously ground a peg, certainly never had sparks, and sure as hell never scraped a fairing! :shock: ...

    EDIT: Before yesterday, that is.
  10. Now for the sake of being sued I cannot recommend this, but if you have ever been for a ride at speed without a helmet (politically correct safety peoples can turn off now) you will notice the increased input of the sense`s. Lotsa noise, both bike and wind, speed perception is all out of whack, and general feeling of insecurity. Riding gear does increase your cofidence to a degree but I`d rather extra confidence than riding stupid.
  11. Try getting hit in the face by a big moth at 60km/h + and know the pain....
  12. Gear = Helmet Gloves DriRider Jacket and now i have BOOTS

    the first day of wearing the boots i actually got my left peg down scrapping the ground for very first time!!

    and it was the increased security and safety feeling of having good footwear that made me lean her even lower than usual!

    the GPX touches down!!!
  13. well done!! she is not a virgin anymore!!!
  14. When I am in my full leathers, boots and gauntlet gloves I do feel much more secure.

    It'd be like a race car driver in overalls and racing harness.