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Riding Game

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cougs, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. OK - here's an idea shamelessly stolen from another forum.

    Some of you may have seen it or similar versions before.

    The Rules are simple.

    I'll post up the initial challenge and the first person to post up the winner gets to choose the next challenge. Winner is the first pic posted that meets the challenge (including marker) and specifies the next challenge.

    If there's any doubt, the person who set the challenge can rule yay or nay

    Each challenge must specify a marker for the photo. The marker is so we don't dig up old photos but get out and ride to get the shot.

    Keep the challenges within the guidelines of the web site (SFW).

    This is a picture and ride event designed to get us all out there and riding so please don't overcomplicate it with too many rules or "what if's" - there is no prize so what is to be gained by complicating things?

    First challenge is a picture of your bike in front of your favorite eating spot.

    Marker for the photo - riding glove on left hand hand grip.
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  2. Sounds awesome.

    If I was still living with my parents than I would push the bike out the front and take a picture. Nothing beats mum's cooking :)
  3. Thats the point of the game, you have to go riding to your mums house not push the bike out the front. :)
  4. No game is worth that :LOL:
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  5. ooo this sounds fun. I'll be watching this spot
  6. Good idea steeling.
  7. How do I get a bike up to my kitchen ???
    I would smear chocolate self saucing pudding all over the tank.... but I think I would get carried away and banned.
    Plus it would look like I was licking shoite off the tank naked.
  8. Oh god. Thanks. I'm going to have nightmares over that vision tonight.
  9. Great idea.
    Subscribed to this one!
  10. Will be watching this thread with interest :)
  11. I love these games
  12. It's working already. I was about to crack a beer and sit on my arse, instead I rode down to the Preston Market to Ditzy Dani's. Best coffee around.

    Next challenge... on, beside or under a bridge.

  13. Does the Marker change with each challenge or is it always left glove on left hand grip?
  14. As much as I'd love to suggest something perverted... glove on the left bar seems as good as any.

    Cougs' thread, he can decide.
  15. Man i will never be able to get the bike next to the fridge.

    Maybe i will just take the fridge to the bike...?


    awesome idea.
  16. bridge not fridge
    shit if it was fridge I would just go to the garage and take a picture of my bike right now because there is a fridge in the garage and be done with it.
  17. Winner selects challenge and marker

    Well done!

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  18. quote of the night
  19. hahaha thanks man I feel honored
  20. I've seen and been involved in a few of these games, and the thing that always gets bought up is the amount of posts without pics.. already we have nearly 3 pages and only one challenge met.

    Should the posters be kept to those succeeding the challenge? or possibly have a limit of 3 (?) posts allowed between pics?

    Just an idea.