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Riding from Melbourne to Gold Coast via coast, any tips?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Caz no 2, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Am doing a road trip with a friend and following the coast instead of going inland, any tips or places to stop overnight?

    Thinking we will stop over at least 3 nights on the way or possibly 4 depending on how many kms we can travel during the day.
  2. are you gonna blog your trip? would be good to see pics and comments about your travels then future riders might use as a guide for future rides..
    There are ride 'maps' I believe on threads there that MIGHT help you. do a search
  3. Not sure about blogging but it is a good idea, yes will be taking pics as we go. Have been reading the touring posts and have some good pointers but most riders were camping and we don't want to rough it lol.
  4. Stu just did a ride round australia on a 250, check his thread and maybe get holdof him, might help you along
  5. haha, goddie stu will never talk to you again if you think his below bike is a 250...:p

  6. Sorry Stu :(
    And here I thought this guy was brave to ride around our country on a 250 lol
    Beasty lookin 250 if it was lol
    No wonder he got around so quickly and i must admit that 90 mile stretch to be done in 55 mins on a 25o I was thinkin, must have been a good day for jetstreams that day lol
  7. What time of year are you going, that will dictate whether a more Alpine route is possible? The first section along the coast is fairly boring. You could flick up through Falls Creek and then across to the coast when you make NSW.
  8. I went to Brisbane at Easter: once you're past Lakes Entrance the Princes Highway is actually quite a nice ride :) I stopped at Eden, then up to Sydney coastal for an appointment.

    Out of Sydney I took the Putty (having worked so many fires there over the years it was time to see it on the ground!) then on the New England to Tamworth which was all a bit ho-hum, I'd have preferred the Thunderbolt Way to Walcha but time was against me.

    The fun bit is from Armidale down to Grafton, magic bit of road as long as it isn't raining, nighttime or you're running out of fuel. I managed all three!! A must stop is Nymboida Station for the night, $90 got me a huge room, spa and breakfast plus a free top up of a couple of litres to see me on ;)

    Grafton coastal is boring, quite frankly. Maybe a local can advise a better route, but I came home inland paralleling the Newell for something different. That worked, magic back roads with no visible police presence: just what the doctor ordered :biker:
  9. Thanks Guys, we are going next month so hoping the weather holds up ok. I know we get most of our rain in Oct, but I guess the more north we get, the less rain.
  10. Nymboida Coaching Station link. The $90 ($120 for a double) room had two queen size beds, balcony, living area, spa, etc. Just another plug, it also has a great bar and dining room =D>
  11. For the boring Grafton bit, im not sure if you can go any other way except to follow an inland way. At least you can head north to Casino from Grafton and then take the Nerang Murwillumbah road though Lamington N.P. It bypasses most of the boring highway and still gets you to the gold coast.
  12. Any suggestions on how to tackle Sydney and suburbs, drove around Sydney once and said I would never ever do it again let alone on a bike?
  13. If you come in on the Hume you can access the newish M7, which takes you Pennant Hills Road and the Cumberland Highway, leading through to the F3 out of Sydney to the north.
    From the Princes Highway you can follow the signs to the airport, which will have you on General Holmes Drive and South Dowling Street, giving you easy access to the Harbour Bridge or tunnel. On the north side the M2 will take you to the same Pennant Hills Road intersection you'd get to from the M7...

    Both the M2 and M7 are toll roads but they're probably the easiest.
  14. Thanks Nitekreeper, so that reminds me, tolls, for both Sydney and QLD, do bikes get free tolls like they do on our Citylink? Or are we just lucky? Hmm will have to google.
  15. In ze state of NSW: Nein, YOU VILL PAY!
    And if you take the M7, it'll be through your backside ;)
  16. Sydney, free? Pfft. Dreamin'. Those two words would never be used together. A plus i guess is that if you're planning on crossing the harbour bridge heading north, there's no toll. Only if you head south.
  17. If you go through sydney north / south from the coast you will be using the eastern distributor, which is tolled, that will be the only toll road as there is none on the bridge/pacific highway or F3. I would recommend going that way, and then taking the old pacific highway (most popular bike road in NSW)

    Dont worry about the traffic just keep your wits about you.

    If it helps, this is a route that i have prepared for a trip that im taking in November to Byron bay, its designed for maximum scenic minimum highway. I have not taken any of the roads north of singleton however.


    Hope this helps.
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  18. Bikes have to pay in QLD too. Although all the toll roads i've found are in the Brisbane area.
  19. Another must on the NSW south coast is to leave the Princess Hwy between Pambula and Tilba Tilba which will keep you along the coast and riding thru Merimbula, Tathra, Bermagui.
    Awsome roads and views of the pacific that way... Thanks Hornet for that one..