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Riding food.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by typhoon, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. I thought I;d throw this post in here, it seems teh most logical, as food is often associated with touring or trips.

    So, I thought we could all post our local favourite food places, which are bike friendly, or even somewhere you have eaten away from home on a trip that you'd recommend to others. We all know the motorbike meccas, where everyone on a bike goes, and it takes an hour for service. I thought the smaller, out of the way places would be nice to know.
    Paradiso cafe in Queanbeyan does huge meals, and in particular, the breakfasts are awesome! It's on the corner of Bungendore Rd and Atkinson st in Queanbeyan, and is not much of a divert if travelling through the area to get the snowys for example from Sydney.
    They have alarge carpark, and you can see your bikes from some tables inside, or they also have outside tables.
    I can't vouch for their dinners, but have heard the mixed grill is excellent and great value too.
    This is the BIIIIG breakfast, worth about $14 from memory. I ordered it thinking "how big can it be" well, big enough to stop me, and if you've met me, you know I like my food!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Andrew, my Doctor just rang me up and abused me for LOOKING at that picture, even before I got round to thinking about what it would be like to eat.

    Nabiac Pub does fabulous steaks, and you can check out the bike museum afterwards ,or before!)
  3. bewong roadhouse just north of wandandian

    cafe 59 in cobargo

    hmmmm, more later :)
  4. O YEAH to both of them, Joel, compulsory stops between Wollongong and Melbourne.....

    The cake and coffee shop at Bateman's Bay is good too, and that burger shop we met at in Mogo does a decent burger, and he's an ex-rider, eh?
  5. I stick to a well balanced diet and eat from all the main food groups.

    Eagle Boys
    Kentucky Chicken
  6. You'd have to include Robertson Pie Shop.... well known, or not! Definitely the best pie you'll ever have. :)
  7. i just like the bizaarre looks you get in take-away drivethroughs.

    :grin: and then the 5 minute conversation you have with, yes i will be fine to hold them, seriously give me. no i don't want a meal with the drink.

    although once i got real friggen hot fries spill out onto my chest when i popped the bag down the top once.
  8. Its no wonder you are overweight typhoon. [​IMG]
  9. Billy's burgers on the Hwy in Nagambie Vic, also the 'Hole in the wall' cafe on the old Hwy at Seymore Vic.


  10. Hahah :grin:
  11. dammit Typhoon... i'm hungry now
  12. Pig & Whistle Pub jut south of Trentham. Great food at decent prices, service is friendly too.
  13. BBNT burgers
    Fitzroy Street
    no extra charge for the freakshow either
  14. Yeah, well, don't drink, don't smoke, gotta keep occupied somehow! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Andrew's not over-weight; he's just under-height :LOL:.
  16. how about DR. JURDS jungle juice at the wolllombi pub! :p