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Riding first bike home

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rbrennan, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I have found a vtr 250 that I may buy shortly. Seemed to be in good nick and comes with a RWC which is a plus.

    Anyway, is it advisable to pick it up and ride it home?
    I would probably ride around the back streets first to get comfortable and then ride home. And it is a route that I have driven plenty of times, so I won't have to focus on directions.

    However, My only experience is the learners course with a short run on the hume hwy at 80 km/h that I was fairly comfortable with.

    I do hve the option to trailer it if its a better option.

    What you think?
  2. Get it and ride it home.
    I can't imagine doing anything else.
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  3. If you can ride the Hume, you can ride the Honda home.
    They are dead easy to ride, which is why HART used them for their learner/licence training.

    Yes, do the back streets first, then head home on roads you know well, so you can focus on the riding bit.
    Good luck.
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  4. Thanks,
    It was only a few blocks but I never felt uneasy.
    The bike is located right across from a train station, so I will train it in and ride it home.
    The whole trip will be familiar as I drive past the shop regularly.

    It should be fun.
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  5. Ride it home.

    You'll be that happy when you get there you'll wanna keep on going.

    Then return later for food and sleep.
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  6. Pick a quiet time.
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  7. I agree - dude ride it home (unless it's too far and you're overly anxious).

    you can also ride it part way, pull over and grab a coffee/water etc then continue on. it will probably need fuel anyway so break the trip up into a few smaller ones, no need to rush - enjoy that first ride! you'll probably find that by the time you get home you want to keep going.

    see if you can take a friend with you on a bike or in a car to go with you if you want some support.
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  8. Ride home...

    It's an awesome feeling.. :)
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  9. Thanks everyone,

    The trip is only about 30km, and as a uni student I will be able to pick it up during the day or maybe saturday morning.

    I will talk to them later in the week to arange to buy it.
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  10. Totally up to you. I would. But I'm not you.
  11. It depends on how anxious riding it home will make you. Your decision, but I think you need to just go for it and ride it.
  12. Don't do Sat morning. Worst traffic of the week (at least it is in Sydney).

    Do you mind sharing what you pay'd for it and how many km? I have a VTR250 so I'm curious what its worth.
  13. First bike I bought was in Woodend and I rode it home to Melbourne alone.
    It was a white-knuckled ride, but I won't forget it.

    That said, it's up to you.

    I've picked up bikes for mates and had their maiden voyage for them whilst they followed vicariously in a cage......
  14. I did this on New Year's Day this year - went to Wollongong in a mate's cage, did the test ride for him, let him haggle, rode back to his place.

    he wanted me to give it some so I obliged because that is the kind of friend I am.
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  15. When i picked my bike up I rode home on the freeway, first time on freeway, first time riding the bike, first time @ 100kph

    I was both anxious and grinning like the cheshire cat..

    If you're up for it, then go for it!! If not, if you have a car and a mate who can ride you can drive there and have them ride it home for you (just make sure you have insurance)

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  16. You will eventually have to take your first ride on it.

    As long as you know the route, not tired and take it slow all should be good.
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  17. Ride it home.
    Everybody remembers their "first time"... the nervous anticipation... the clumsy fumbling of inexperienced hands... the utter joy,passion,terror,excitement,...
    wait, what was I talking about now? :p

    joking aside, I rode my first bike home after having only done the 2 day pre-learners course and hadn't even ridden a bicycle since high school. Putted around on some back streets to get used to the controls and steering before setting off for home. Best feeling in the world that day getting home safe in one piece.

    Go for it mate, good luck and ride safe! (y)
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  18. You'll have to ride it on those roads at some point, so may as well just rip the Band-Aid off. As long as you remember all of what you've learned, you should be right. Sure, some drivers will get narky if you don't look like a seasoned professional, but bugger them; everyone was a beginner at some point. Besides, no one likes motorbike shaped dents in their bonnets, so as long as you don't do anything silly, they'll be trying just as hard as you to avoid disaster.
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  19. Ride it home. Get fuel and coffee on the way.
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  20. I was the same with my latest bike as I hadn't ridden for over 15 years.
    Wasn't sure if I should ride it home as it was approx an hour from home.
    Had plenty of offers from someone to ride it for me.
    But I just did as you said and rode it around the back streets for a little while then home, that ended up being a lot longer root than needed as I didn't want to get off lol.
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