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riding FAST through the wet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by idontlikemondays, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. no i dont mean real fast, but this is something that i want to work on, and given its raining more atm, ive got a 250 which has proven itself almost indestructable. i wanna give it a crack. the main problem im having with is conrnering. thankfully i just about always loose the rear before the front and can recover, but where i break traction is very incosistant, sometimes i dont get the bike very far cranked over at all before she lets loose. i know i'm meant to be smooth, but surely there is more to it than that. are the lines you take in the wet different to the dry? should i enter a corner a gear higher than i would in the dry, using the low down torque to provide a bit of tractable power to stop from spinning up.
    my tyres probably arent the best to start off with, pirrelli sports demons, more on the soft side than the hard... but i can still get some reasonable corner speed, SOMETIMES. i spos i just want to know the right technique to improve my consistancy.

    any pointers to try and improve? :) :grin: :grin:


  2. Book yourself into trackdays in Spring. You'll eventually get a wet trackday and you can practise your skills there.

    Learning to ride fast in the wet on the public road is tantamount to suicidal stupidity.

    The trick is to be as smooth as possible, and do everything at about 60% or so of what you would do in the dry.

    Brake in a straight line only, before turning into a corner. Take a wide and late entry. Enter slowly, exit quickly. Use a gear or two higher than in the dry so you're not feeding the rear tyre so much power as to unhook the rear wheel.
  3. wow perfect response here. i used to race go karts and we did all the above.
  4. thanks for the response stew, yeah, track days were on my mind, but i was worried as to whether they let 250's do em. im not really interested on binning the thou in the wet. and even better is they seem to going at oran park for just 110 bucks during the week.
    after looking at your response i think i know where im going wrong, still using a little engine braking when starting to tip in.
    thanks again mate.

  5. 250's are excellent fun! If have half an idea you can easily run in B group.

    tips in the wet are a little hard to give as temps can play havoc, tyres, condition etc.

    Chuck Pilots on, if you build up your speed slowly you will get chatter before a slide.

    Weight the pegs, hang off as much as possible and be super smooth.
  6. Could the inconsistancy that you experience with traction loss be caused by different roads having different traction?
    ie, some will have more greasy stuff than others, or one day it may have been raining longer and heavier (and washed crap away) compared to a different day??
  7. +1.

    On a track you can learn where the bumps are, where the slick sections are, where the slight camber changes are.

    On the road it's much more difficult, even with a repeatable section of road.
  8. If you practice being smooooth in the wet, you'll be riding as fast as you can.

    Regards, Andrew.