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Riding Experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bunjumung, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. How would you describe riding a motorbike to a friend that hasn't ever ridden one before?

  2. Like flying without leaving the ground :wink:

    hmmm, on the serious side, i tend to tell most people to imagine themselves riding on the bonnet of their car. Not accurate in the least but hilarious nonetheless....geez can't even be serious when i try to be :shock:
  3. freedom
  4. Peace....

    No distractions, no kids screaming, no blabbering radio, just the road and road-based decisions - pure, simple and undiluted....

    The joy comes from zen-like concentration, the feeling of control that comes from being 'in the zone' sensing the traffic around you, predicting and responding almost before things happen....

    Would a non-rider have a clue what I was talking about? probably not! :grin:
  5. I just explain it's like you're part of the picture. You can smell, hear ,see(closely) of everything around you. You can feel the wind going around you as you ride. Take corners like you're flying around them.

    I'm I making any sense :? (probably not,lol :LOL: )
  6. I once heard that only motorbikers understand why dogs hang their heads out the window
  7. It's the thrill of speed. That sensation of being faster & mroe powerful than anything else on the road (well, for those riding 600's atleast! :p )

    That feeling of fear and excitment when you're halfway through a corner, find yourself not turning enough, overridng your SRs and tipping in more and twisting the throttle on while you get sling-shot out of the bend into the next one.

    You sense so much more, like riding through a roads out of daylesford and smelling the pine in the air.

    It's like being part of a brotherhood, when you see another bike go past, its the nod of acknowledgment you give eachother. But it's also the alone time you get on an open road by yourself, it's great!

    That's how I'd describe it or at least what I've felt in the last 6 months of riding) It's why I'm trying to get my friends into it! They all say I'm crazy :LOL:
  8. i think all these guys have almost summed it up, basiclly theres no words to describe the feeling of trailing up the black spur on a clear summer day, or taking a trek to the beach and riding along the shore line as the sun sets, or meeting up with the only guys who understand and taking the convoy to were ever you see fit.......all with control in the palm of your hands...... ahhhhhh :cool:

    thats why i got into bikes.... :biker:

    just tell him to get on one, they'll never look back.
  9. Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.
  10. Can't think how you'd explain it in words. Take 'em out on the back and all will become clear as long as you make an effort not to scare the living shit out of them.
  11. On a bike you're not watching the world through a window. You're part of it.
  12. Our L course instructor simply said it's 'the most fun you can have with your clothes on'.
  13. Agreed with what everyone else has said, but the other thing is that you ride a bike with your whole body. In a car your hands and feet do the controlling and the rest of your body is just along for the ride, but on a bike it's your hips, shoulders, head, everything...
  14. It's that split second on the road when you decide to go from cruising slowly to wrapping the throttle on.. Then the millisecond after that the bike responds and you feel the G's trying to pull you back in your seat. It really is flying on the ground. Even if it's just a tiny burst of speed then backing off. I don't know how else to describe it, but im sure you all know the feeling.
  15. i tell 'em besides the fact its so much fun, i pipe up when they talk about lack of parking / traffic, took me x amount of time to get from here to there etc etc... then i explain the lane splitting, free parking everywhere, cheap fuel etc and they all get jealous...
  16. Tell them that unlike being in a car, the experience is in the journey, not the destination.
  17. it really taps into the primal parts of the brain. youre very exposed on the bike.

    i mean ive been in powerful cars, but a bike that isnt even as fast will scare the crap out of you when you crack the throttle
  18. Ditto what bravus said pretty much.

    You ride in a car, but on a bike. You become part of it, one with it, whatever cliche takes your fancy. Its a total body experience, the world rushing by as you rip toward redline...vibrations through your body telling you its time to either back off or shift up. A corner comes along up ahead and everything falls into place in preparation; not just your hand on a wheel but your body and the machine under you working as one. The tarmac comes closer as you lower yourself into the bend, rolling past like the memories of old. Acceleration brings you up and out, your grin widening. Pure brilliance!

    But thats just some lame writing I pulled out of my ass. Take them for a ride instead :grin:

    - boingk
  19. +1

    I was amazed when I kept seeing women who had just crossed the road and I could still smell their perfume as I went by at 60-70km/hr! No, I dont have a one track mind ... mmmm women ... mmm perfume :LOL:
  20. Um we are meant to wear clothes? :shock: