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Riding/driving curfew... [qld]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by shaneo25, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hey ppeps any help would be good. I just got done for riding my bike at 1am wen apparently I am not ment to ride/drive between 11pm and 5am... Wen I got m licence back mid last year I went to ql transport twice to make sure I didn't have any restrictions or curfew's and twice they told me I didn't.... But apparently I do....
    Has any1 been in this situation b4 and got off it??? If so how?
    I would really appreciate any help....

  2. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Never believe what you are told by some low level public servant-- always have it in writing being a copy of the road rules or legislation or better yet an answer to your question from them on their letterhead.

    When you have this the onus of responsibility has shifted away from you as a citizen onto those that administer/enforce the legislation.

    You are then showing that you are attempting to comply with relevant legislation. Should you be found to be contravening this legislation you are able to show that it was due to the incompetence of those employed by the government in a position to advise you of the legislation.
  3. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Can I respectfully suggest that since you have lost your license once already that you are on a 'watch' list for further offences? If you are now back on P plates as a result of the suspension, then a curfew may well be part of the conditions for you. As YMGU suggests you should have found out for sure, and not taken someone's word for things.
  4. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    That or apply for an exemption? If you really have to be on the road at those hours.
  5. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Can someone explain to me what good a curfew allegedly does?
  6. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    it keeps people who have shown that they can't be trusted, off the road

    which, when you think about it, SHOULD be during the day when there is more traffic and more dangers :LOL:
  7. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Takes the young/inexperienced of the roads during the times they are most likely to kill themselves.
  8. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    That's what I was thinking. I've never been in an accident after dark, as a driver OR passenger.
  9. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Accidents still happen then.8-[

  10. So go back one more time, and this time get it in writing. Then you've got a leg to stand on ;)
  11. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Accidents will ALWAYS happen.
  12. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Exactly. My point was that just because YOU haven't been involved in an accident at night or seen one, doesn't mean they don't happen.
  13. Re: Riding/driving curfew...

    Oh don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that anecdotal evidence is worthless, I'm just trying to stir the pot :angel:

    In all seriousness though, I'd love to see an actual study showing a scientific reason for a curfew.
  14. Thanks guys, and chef I might go in on Monday and see I I can still get it in writing...
    Ats pretty sad wen they should all no the rules but 1 department says 1 thing then another say something different...
    See how I go Monday....
  15. It is not a case of "if you can get it in writing" rather - DEMAND it in writing ( in a polite way of course ) -- DO NOT TAKE NO for an answer

    should they say NO -- take it higher and higher up the management chain.

    A tip is to provide your request in writing - state you want a reply within X amount of days --- get them to sign off a receipt that have received your written request - have it ready with you should they not fulfil your verbal request and tell you to ask for it in writing.

    By being prepared in this way these public servants get very amicable very quickly as it gives them the impression you know what you are doing.

    REMEMBER -- as a citizen these people work FOR YOU ( well they are supposed too its open to debate who their masters are ).

    PS -- If you write to a minister, the ministers staff/office must respond to you within 4 weeks - still always stipulate you want a reply with x days.

    Also --- any time you are dealing with government or council by written correspondence that you have posted to them - spend the $2 to send it registered mail via Australia Post --- that way they can not say "we never received your letter"

    I speak from experience as when they cancelled the solar power for homes rebate the department in question tried to tell me that they did not receive my application. When I went to the post office and received a confirmation from the post office of the time and date of delivery of my application set by registered mail and showed it to the department they miraculously managed to find my application by pulling it out of their collective asses.