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Riding directly into the Sun.. (not literally of course)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by minglis, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. So, I was riding the other day, and I happened to be heading eastish early in the morning. I found myself staring directly at the sun for about 20 minutes. It really sucked. I was wondering what other riders do to make this a bit easier. Is there any tips or tricks? I had Sun glasses on, and I would like to get a tinted visor at some stage (actually, want one of Takamii helmets with the photo chromatic lens).

    And before anyone else says it, I was wearing SPF 100000000 as I was riding directly into the sun..... ;)
  2. i get a little late arvo sun on the ride home from work.
    i have a chrome irridium visor and that's enough most days. tilt my head slightly down when it isn't enough
  3. left hand is for sun visor.
    do not use right hand.
  4. Similar to above... blue iridium visor for me.
  5. I had a strip of electrical tape across the top of my visor, which worked very well, but now have the Sunax on one helmet.

    T'other is a Nolan with a flip down sun visor, much betterer (y)
  6. I use this behind a tinted visor. Works great.
  7. haha. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Awesome. I just ordered one of these.
  9. What a great idea. Is there anything a little tape CAN'T do??? I swear, if I was ever lost on an island, and could only take one thing (other than Jessica Alba) I reckon I'd take a huge supply of Gaffe tape.
  10. I'd take a short length of fibre optic cable. Then I'd bury it. In less than ten minutes, a guy in a backhoe would be along wanting to dig right where I buried my cable. I'd ask him to rescue me.

    * Can't find where I read that to provide link
  11. re the strip of tape across the visor, and also the Sunax. Touring/more upright riding position will be fine with an inch or so of tape across the visor, but a more prone position (where the rider looks through the top of the visor) dictates a narrow band of 'sun block'. Sunax have different size inserts to suit different riding styles.
  12. hahaha. Gold...
  13. But without Jessica Alba there, why would you need the gaffa tape? ;)
  14. What are the Sunax things like if left in at night?
  15. Perfectly fine, they are an extra visor only at the top of your vision. They cut out direct glare from streetlights.

    Once you put it in you leave it in.
  16. I did that for a couple of months until I decided to put sunnies on...was entertaining for the passerby in cages.
  17. Electrical tape is your friend, not to low though otherwise youll find ya self trying to look under it.... Works the same as a sunvisor in your car.. just a few cm is all youll need =D>
  18. But without Jessica Alba there, why would you need the gaffa tape? for the guineipigs!!!!