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Riding Courses.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ausfox, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I've been thinking about doing a riding course to increase my skill base to get the most out of riding.

    I'm still on my P's and have only done a few thousand k's on the road.

    Wanting to know if anyone has done any courses on improving their riding? Or if anyone can suggest a course.
    I looked at the stay upright intermediate course and that seems to fit the bill.

    I live in the shire so everything is a long way away so that isn't an issue.

  2. I've done both the HART Advanced courses (I and II) and got quite a bit of benefit from both of them.

    Depends on what you're after though I think. The Stay Upright Advanced sounds to me like a mix of both HART courses.

    HART Advanced I focusses a bit more on the road craft side of things, which is probably good for someone with your level of experience. Advanced II is more focussed on bike control, body position, cornering lines, etc.

    The Stay Upright course, I'm told, is a little of both. Don't quote me though, I have not done any Stay Upright training at all so I could be talking nonsense. ;)

    In my mind any rider training is good, even if it just reminds you of things you already know, it all helps.
  3. Thanks. Exactly the answer I was after.

    I'll be putting a course on my Christmas wish list.

    Thanks again.

  4. If your in vic, have a look at the roadcraft course run by sixty degrees motorcycles in nothing hill ;)
  5. Thanks chicken78 but I'm in NSW. South of Sydney.
  6. Hi Ausfox.

    At your stage, I'd recommend the StayUpright course that you have already mentioned.

    One warning, you'll hear a lot of:-
    "Is that what they taught you in the pre-learners course?"
  7. I did the HART Handling Dynamics course a couple of years ago, found it very useful - went to HART on Mona Vale road.
  8. I'm booked in for the HART advanced course at St Ives in a couple of weeks. Its focused on cornering and braking. Would be a different course to the HART ones in Vic.

    I got it as a Chrissie present last year. Good idea I reckon.
  9. @Ausfox

    The HART course is great, definitely geared towards road skills. The course is actually an old police drivers training course with some technical corners.

    I got heaps out of it when I went back the second time for the advanced course. Completely changed my lines through corners and feel a lot more confident.

    Covers a lot of different subjects, one thing I definitely appreciated was techniques for braking mid corner.

    The instructors are great, I had Mick and Chris. Can't recommend the course enough.
  10. Thanks everyone.

    HART it is I feel.

    Now to put the request in with Santa.

  11. Are you on commission? Heh, seriously this is the second thread in three days I've come across with you recommending these guys. I'm taking it as a sign. I'm a bit broke at the moment, but it's on my christmas list :)
  12. Not on commission but I'll back up chicken78 and recommend the Sixty Degrees course also. Actual on road coaching with 2-4 instructors and only 6-8 students over 5 hours.

  13. Have you thought of asking a mentor for help? Being one on one that can be way more helpful! Only works if you are able to pick a mentor whom you trust. Then it can be worth way more than a course though.

    I also did the roadcraft course at 60 degrees. It's a good thing to do, but I got less out of it than I was hoping for. 2 instructors and 7 participants, one of the instructors was always leading and therefore never ever gave me any feedback on how I was doing. The second instructors concentration was spread out on us 7 participants. They incorporated quite some theory as well. Ran with us through a fix routine, I assume it's always the same one. Since you are in Sydney this is no option for you, but I assume roadcraft courses up there would be similar?
    It was definitely worth it though, I'm glad I did it. But if you manage to find a helpful, experienced rider who knows what he's talking about and is good at teaching, it's so much more worth!

    This is of course subjective and based on my own experience only.
  14. Thanks Nina.

    I do have a mate I can ride with. Didn't think of that. He's been riding for years.

    I will do the HART courses up here and ride with him as well.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Off to watch horses run around on a bit of grass now are you Nina?

  15. Your friend is a good idea, but keep in mind that he is not a professional instructor. Think about any given advice, test it first and see whether it works for you before you incorporate it in your daily riding.
    In the mentor thread above there is someone listed living in your area - maybe contact him as well?

    No horses. I'm off to have some lunch and then back to work :p
  16. Bugger. I'm off for a ride. Then pick up the kids.

    Have fun at work.
  17. That Sixty Degrees course is definitely right up the top of my wishlist from Santa. I have a feeling there might be a HART gift certificate on the way though, in which case I'm thinking about the "Confidence and Roadskills" course (if I can figure out when it's running!)

    According to the description it's 1 hour hazard perception training on the simulator, then 1.5 hour practice session (off-road), then 1.5 hours instructor-led on the road.


    Other than that, it'd have to be the Intermediate course. Not sure if I'm quite ready for that yet though as I've only done about 1200km since getting my L's.


    Has anyone done either of these? Any thoughts?