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Riding Courses: Which one is worthehile?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cell9765, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. So here it is.

    Its about time i think i invested some $ in a course to improve my riding even better. Have done about 10-15K kilometres (and covered pretty much everything road, commute, off roard etc) so am still pretty fresh.

    Live in sydney and know there are group courses or 1 on 1 even.

    Anyone done this stuff? I searched the forum before this posting so i wasn't un-earthing something covered just recently and found very little. i'm not too keen on the 'track day' like courses just yet as i want to focus on my road riding before i learn too much track technique. I ride a yamaha thundercat for what its worth.

    What courses around sydney would you reccomend?

    Cheers :)
  2. ok ok next time i'll use spellcheck...
  3. H.A.R.T at St Ives do a few 'intermediate' and 'advanced' courses...

    Edit: their NSW courses are listed here.
  4. Reckon they're all worthwhile and you'd be better asking which are NOT recommended.
    I'd be surprised if you attended any random course and got nothing from it.

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for from the course. The superbike school concentrates on making you a faster, safer rider, whereas the others tend to concentrate more on overall road craft and bike control.

    I'd look at the course structures and find the one that offers what I want at the price I can afford (which is $0 at the moment! :LOL: ).
  5. Do the "stay upright" course with Wayne Clarke as the instructor. So worth your while
  6. I did the advanced course at hart in st. ives, as well as a couple of superbike school days. You said you wanted to do the more road-oriented ones so this is my experience:

    We went through emergency stopping (from as fast as you can get it going in the space allowed before the braking start line); braking in a corner; a bit of classroom stuff about psychology of riding, how and why bikes do what they do, etc; a bit of cornering (though i did the superbike school and got more out of that for cornering - which is to be expected as they are specifically all about cornering); throttle control/blipping and gearing techniques.

    It was a full day, cost about $250, with five others. I enjoyed it and got something out of it. I'm sure there are people out there who will say "Oh well I already know how to blip the throttle and do emergency stops" but everybody that i did it with got something out of it, including me.

    Afterwards I was a much smoother and safer rider, so i recommend it.
  7. i really liked the handling dynamics course at HART, good little trick, advanced braking and some cornering stuff, it was cheap and a lot of fun.
  8. Another thing that might be worthwhile o consider, if it is helpful to you, is to look at or contact your bike insurance. Some give a discount for rider training. I am with QBE and they have a list of courses that they give discounts for on the website.
  9. Great stuff! Thanks :grin:
  10. depends on what you are looking for.

    superbike school at eastern creek is good. ive done 1, and am booked in for 2 next week.

    saty upright at oran park is good as well.

    there are many different courses, but it would depend on what you are wanting from the course. for me it was to improve my ability to judge corners, entry/ exit and imrove my speed, handling.
  11. I got another question as when is the best time to take these courses. ie intermediate, Advanced. Coz i hav jus resently got my L's and Im thinking of starting to take these courses when I get my P's for a few months. I will be riding full time as well so I think these couses r worthwile.

  12. easy... as soon as you can afford them. afterall the sooner you learn tehcniques the better off you will be.

    once you know how to stay on the bike you are then best to learn the right way to ride and practice that, rather than spend time riding badly from listening to 2nd hand info that is not complete on instruction or correct.

    my lady is booked in for 'advanced rider' at 'stay upright' and she has been on her Ps for a 2 months, along with my brother in law who is in a similar situation.
  13. The guys at HART told me to wait till you are just about to come off Ps or restrictions before doing the advanced course, which I will be doing very soon! :grin: (4 days to go :woot: )
  14. i think taht would depend on the klms you do pete. its a pretty generallised statement there.

    its always interesting to see the thought process of people.

    for example one rider in our group has clocked up more than 12000klms in the first 6months of riding and riding good and learning well. another only a few thousand and is not to the same standard. yet when the first rider felt the time to upgrade from the 250, so did the other. but everyone in the group could clearly see the difference between the two riders. the second rider shouldve waited a bit longer but you at the end of hte day... advice is jsut that and the choices are your own.

    its not about timeline and plates. its about experience and practice.
  15. As I've said before, the intermdiate course at HART covers all the same stuff the advanced one does, and you get more time on the bikes for slightly less money. I think t's a ripper of a course and I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime soon.
  16. Recommended. I've been back for seconds.
  17. I was very happy with StayUpright (although that was done in Vic - at Hoppers Crossing). Did my 2 day L's course with them and my P's test.

    I also did their intermediate course while still on my L's - it was very useful.

    I plan to do their advanced courses sometime in the next 6 months. After my mishap a few months ago - I realised that my cornering technique could do with some review/work.

  18. California superbike school with out a doubt :cool:
  19. Sorry I meant intermediate :oops: