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Riding clubs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by soozie, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Just wondering does anyone know of any clubs in South Australia that I could ride with. The last two days I have gone from Golden Grove to Williamstown beautiful ride however rather lonely by oneself....lol...so if anyone can help with passing on some good riding clubs that would be fantastic. Happy and safe riding everyone.

  2. There are a few Netrider SA members Soozie. It is fun to ride in a group I agree. Post up in THIS thread in the Other State RIde announcement area and make contact with some of the other Middle Staters.
  3. Thanks Chris :)
  4. Soozie, build it and they will come.

    Next time you are going for a ride alone, opost it up first. The worst that can happen is you ride alone. If you get some takers and do it regularly it will probably grow.

    It's not a bad idea though to give people an idea of the level of the ride, beginner, intermediate or licence losing fast.
  5. Thanks GreyBM, I'm still trying to figure out this forum stuff.....lol
  6. Must be something in the SA water affecting the males. Here if a female posted they wanted a ride, you wouldn't be able to get near the meet point for bikes.
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  7. #7 DJ666, Jun 26, 2012
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    <– SA :) should organise something, even if the usual trolls aren't from SA I'm surprised they haven't jumped in yet...

  8. I am the founding member of the girls who ride topless motorcycle club.
    new members are always made welcome soozie :)
  9. lol , took a while.:-s
  10. LOL that's funny we need to move states :)
  11. What a shame its not in SA.....lol
  12. Will be making invites when I am no longer crippled.
    I might not be a girl but I will ride topless for the right request.
  13. Lots of clubs in SA to ride with

    Cruiser Club of SA
    Riding SA
    SA Cougars

    you could also try the dating sites and put in....'Must ride Motorbike'
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  14. Dating sites eh ...
    U must spend heaps on apology flowers
  15. Hi phil,

    was lovely to meet you guys last night. we may need your tennis court to practice double u-turns......
  16. You have got to be joking Phil, Mr Hanna never apologies
  17. Not Nice Mr Hanna :-(, I think that definately deserves an apology and flowers.....you need to learn from Phil....