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Riding Camp Sites In NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Levih, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I am planning to go camping on 25th June and was just wondering if there ae any good camping spots that are like next to a lake/river type of thing. Pref Blue Mountains/hawksbury area


  2. can your bike handle dirt roads?
  3. Cattai National Park is pretty good - but you wouldn't want to take a road bike there.
  4. Lake Lyall up behind Lithgow would be an easy one, or if you can handle a few k's on good quality dirt roads then consider the Cox's River Camp Ground on the 6 foot track.

    Gonna be a bit chilly up there for camping in June though....
  5. Most of the camping sites on the Hawkesbury are accessible via motorbike eg: Del Rio etc.

    All depends if you are after camping "sites" or something more secluded/private.
  6. There's a rally on not too far away same weekend...

  7. Or Old Ford Reserve on Megalong Creek.
    Megalong Valley Rd (Sealed Road that cuts across the 6 foot track). A nice ride out there too.

    +1 on the chilly though.
  8. Cool suggestions, we might be taking a car instead, but yeah i would like a nice quite place near water. Can i get some google map links for your locations?

  9. Having trouble attaching link.
    If you type in Old Ford Reserve in Google Maps, you can't go wrong. It finds it straight up.
  10. Finn that looks like a pro spot. Thanks bro
  11. No problem brother.
    If you're driving out there and you're able to, take some fire wood with you.
    When we stayed there, Fire wood wasn't supplied by National Parks.

  12. Ill just do a loop of windsor and find plenty of free fire wood lol
  13. Not many colourbond fences around Windsor.
    You should do alright. :-w:LOL: