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Riding buddy (Learner in Parramatta, NSW)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by psychey, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for a riding buddy who is also on their learner licence and have his/her own bike. I would like to practice on the roads with someone rather than alone. Yes, I am a true beginner. :-s

    If you are not a learner and would like to share your experience and impart some knowledge/skills, please do so.

    I hope you live in Parramatta or around. It will make life much easier.

    Anyone keen?

    Cheers. :angel:
  2. screw that, if you can try and find someone who actually knows how to ride and be willing to stick with you on rides rather than piss off into the distance.

    and yes, I'm sure there will be a few willing to help out. There are a few regular group rides that run in sydney area. I recommend the learner sessions at homebush. They are supervised by guys who are very helpful. They do a slow skills practise session then a shortish ride. check out the rides forum.
  3. Thanks for 'screwing that', Lilley.

    I was opening up the invitation to those who will want to help out. I guess you are likely to be the more experienced one who will 'piss off into the distance'. I was hoping there would be some kind souls out there who are different.

    I did check out the rides forum and the events calendar, but I don't seem to be able to find any of the sessions you mentioned. Who is in charge of updating the event calendar?

    I might just reply to the thread and see what comes back.

    Thanks once again for your reply.
  4. Firstly, sorry I misread your post. I read it as looking for a learner in parramatta to ride with ](*,)](*,)

    depends on my mood. Occasionally I will be quite content taking it easy. The sat morning northern beaches crew take it pretty slowly ir your interested in joining them.
  5. Hello psychey and welcome to the forums.

    If you haven't looked at the link Goz posted already, please do so. These sessions are held to help people like yourself who would like to practice; there are generally a handful of more experienced riders hanging around and we tend to go for a small ride (paced, we wont leave you behind) afterward.
  6. Thank you all, kind people!

    I love the fact there is a community of people who actually do help each other out!
  7. I would have said yes, but then I saw the little male sign under your name.

    Dudes get no help. [-( I'm in it strictly for the inappropriate advances :angel:
  8. I would have thought being male would satisfy the inappropriate part.
  9. I suppose I could give it a go, but I'd have to be the big spoon, cause I'm not a fag.
  10. I think for that, you will be the small spoon because talking like that makes you a closet 'fag'. LOL
  11. Hey I'm not gay, I just enjoy Elton John numbers and dressing up. Youse prejudiced.

    BTW: Spooning is still on the cards here. Wear something pretty.
  12. Spooning chatter aside, I also suggest the Homebush meet ups.
    They guys there are really helpful.
  13. Thanks devochka. I don't think boy.racer knows what he is getting himself into. LOL
    By the way, I am not a whizz in navigating around this place. I did post a message on that thread too asking about when the next session is. I guess I should just wait for a reply?

  14. I thought I was wooing you?

    No matter, I like em feisty ;)

    Give the homebush thing a try, nice big group so you should be able to find a local buddy.
  15. *gasp* Finally something constructive from boy.racer! Surprrrriiisee! LOL
    Thanks mate. I will join the group when I gain more confidence getting onto major roads. I have to get there somehow, right?

  16. Try your back streets for a while, because you'll have to take the M4 or Parramatta rd to get out to Homebush. They are not learner friendly, but your best option is the M4 (Pmatta rd is a bastard of a goat track. Pot holes as big truck tyres and a healthy population of Burwood Dodgem cars to boot).

    So am I gonna get to see some man boobs or am I wasting my time here?
  17. I was actually thinking of avoiding the M4 due to the 90km/h limit. I think even 80km/h restriction is a bit too high for me. I think a few more times, and I will be whizzing about at 60 or 70km/h.

    Now back in the gutter... Man boobs? IS that all you want to see?! This is the case of I show you mine, and you show me yours. It is up to you to decide if you are wasting your time. You're hilarious! LOL

  18. I've got no problems getting them out in public, I'm proud of my man boobs and I've named them both.

    But whenever I go to show them off in public rozzers always tell me it is 'indecent exposure' this and 'summary offence' that...

    Also, trust me on the M4, going 80 or 90 there is going to be a whole bunch safer because there are no traffic lights or pedestrians, and there's a clear view ahead and the traffic is flowing better.
  19. Did you name them 'Mardi' and Gras'? Looks like you are in for the annual Mardi Gras. Shape 'em up, and let 'em out then. Even if you take more off, it will be more welcoming than labeled as indecent.

    You are right about the fact that there are no padestrians and traffic lights to look out for. I will consider it. But first, have to get my confidence up first.