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Riding buddies / mentors - SW Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fozzy, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hi yall,

    How many other posters are located in the Macarthur area? I'm on the hunt for some (soon to be) mates to ride with! I'm on my L's (never thought I'd be saying that again since I got my cage licence!). I have another couple of experienced mates (who got me into this crazy persuit) who I'm sure would love to meet some other riders too.

    Like any new rider I'm also keen for good advice and tips from seasoned riders.

    So... "Be my friend?" - think Pepsi Max ad...


  2. Rejection! :(

    :p :p :p
  3. Hey Fozzy,

    Welcome to riding. Im from around that way and would like to go for a ride sometime.
    What bike are you riding and how long for?
    You done much twisty riding?
    Im just on my p's so in no way an experienced rider, but better then when i started.

    **Oh also, grim32 is from around this way too.
  4. Hey, Currently riding an older but bullet proof GS500E - waiting for the warmer weather so it can have a respray. So far been riding about a month and clocked up 1000ks.

    I've done a bit of twisty riding - just what I can find that's nearby.

    The ride calendar is pretty quiet at the moment - I guess it's the time of year.

    We should hook up sometime - where are you located?
  5. I suppose i could go for a cruise around the place with ya. Im around merrylands/greystanes area.
  6. I'm around that area ;), a bit further south, near Picton. Send me a PM sometime if you want to go for a ride.
  7. i'm around Liverpool area with a bike on weekends. I wouldn't mind meeting up with some guys some time.
  8. I'm normally up for a ride. I'm from liverpool. If you wanna go somewhere just send me a message. Best bet is to get my mobile - 0400 339 126, just send me an sms.


  9. I work in Casula, so I'm there pretty much everyday.
  10. Cool, have most of you guys met / know each other? I'm yet to actually put a face to any names! And, my good ol shy self is being ... well... shy. :p

    Reckon we should all try and hook up for a sat or sunday arvo run to Wollongong or somewhere for a coffee. Maybe even a quick after work squirt somewhere? Any suggestions for a date?

    I'm also keen to make it to the Mean Fiddler sometime - can't this sat though as I'm interstate. Anyone make it today? was a stunning day for a ride hey!
  11. gents i am close to the city i am keen to go for a ride ...

    i normally try and go through the national park
    what kind of bikes u guys ride...and have u guys met up before ...i am new to this web site ....
  12. I wouldnt mind going for a run with you guys. Gong would be alright, via menagle, picton and what not. Some nice corners but crap surfaces around that area.
  13. Menangle Road has road works on it atm... a whole section of it is pretty much a dirt road now
  14. Yeah came through there the other day. although its only about 50m. Not sure if they have extended it? So just take it easy. its all straight road for that section.
  15. I don't know anyone on here yet but will be attending the Nasho cruise this weekend (18th) and meeting up first at KK Liverpool I think.
  16. A bit of rain will wash most of the dirt off the road, but that section is pretty heavily pitted anyway. It was about 100m of road all up, but it did have some patches of gravel in it as well.
  17. Im from that area, getting my bike license soon.

    I will probably make a thread soon asking this same questions (within a year )

    Nice to know there are some local riders on here, also did any of you do your test at campbeltown tafe?
  18. The test is at the uni actually ;)

    I did both the pre L's and P's courses there. Pretty good bloke there when I did it. The ride you do on the pre-P's test is down Menangle Road to Douglas Park, or at least it was when I did it...
  19. my mistake, i knew it was one of the two :)

    Thanks for your insight, was wondering if it was a good place.
  20. im from around that area, sort of, not too far, im keen on a ride anytime, riding alone aint as fun. Just pm me when your keen.