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Riding Boots/shoes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rhys84au, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, tommorow/friday arvo i shall be off shopping to get the last 2 pieces of riding kit i need before starting at the top and improving on quality of gear.

    i need to pickup a pair of kevlar jeans.. already picked a cheapish pair. So far ive just been wearing denim. in about 3 or 4 weeks time ill be buying a pair of draggin cargos as well.

    boots/shoes are where iam coming unstuck. this first pair iam allowing ~170-180 for and obviously as first boots ill want to buy them in a store close to me (brisbane) so i can get sizing right. any recommendations? i wouldnt mind tucking the jeans into the boot riding but i would like them to be able to pull the jeans down around them for when i get off the bike at shops/pub/cafes ect.

    this is just to finish my budget riding set. as i mentioned i will be buying my second set of gear in a few weeks and spending a fair chunk more on the next set and relegating this stuff to spare/alternative setup.

    i looked at riding shoes such as the ones done by Shift (150ish) and whilst i like the idea of them and the comfort they seem to show off i dont think they would offer any semi decent level of protection. i then looked at boots by Shark (avenger) and also dririder nordics and rjays h20.

    any recommendations from anybody? preferably looking at shin/ankle/toe protection of some sort and something thats not going to fall off.
  2. send a PM to Takami, has the best kevlars [I reckon] has gloves too, just ask whats in stock at present, ships at freakin fast speed!!
  3. I quite like Diadora for boots. They are an old Italian sports boot/shoe manufacturer that haven't been into motorcycle boots and shoes for that long. I have a pair of theor shoes but would recommend boots for extra ankle protection.
    Something like this is within your budget and I've bought from that seller before http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Diadora-...lothing_Merchandise_Media&hash=item3a574f93d8

    +1 on Motolegions from Takamii.
    Also check out these Kevlar Stariders on special for $80 (+$12 delivery/shipping). They are old stock on clearance since all their new stock is now "stretch". They have an advatage of being fully lined. http://starider.com.au/shoppingcart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=135 They had a recommendation in another forum.
  4. Try on a pair of Alpinestars SMX-5's and then buy them off ebay (make sure you buy them from a USA seller) can pick them up for around $220.00, comfy boots and great protection also easy to walk around in.
  5. Woah there a minute.

    Leathers go inside the boot, all other pants go outside. At all times.
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  6. How come? are we talking due to safety or just because of looks?

    Edit: Ahh, apparently jeans inside boots looks homo, guess my chain isn't the only thing I will be lubing :bannanabutt:
  7. For boots I recommend Rossi 814 Roadster. They don't have Power Ranger looks and I find them comfortable enough to wear all day. Apart from the gear change patch they look like normal boots under your jeans.
  8. Thumbs up for the Rossi range. Good kit, comfortable, wears well. Good prices. Aussie made - keep the boys and girls in jobs!
  9. I have a pair of A* SMX-5, the waterproof version. Man, they are comfortable. Offer great protection and are not that dear really. Got mine from the states for $200 and that was three years ago.